Why is the VA(not the state) so bad....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BRONZ, Aug 9, 2005.

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    Got me thinking from the occupation thread and didn't want to hijack it.

    Why does the VA suck. I have seen and heard the stories about how vets arn't taken care of, young guys just back pushed out quick. What up with that. Even guys dying because they didn't get their meds or proper treatment.

    My Sgt. at work just went out on medical cause he hurt his back. The VA had this man walking around at a 45 degree angle for a week before they did anything for him. Every year we have a yearly PT test and the vets at work have to schedule an appointment like 3 months in advance.

    Its a outrage. These men and women are the reason we are speaking english and they get treated like S**t.

    Can somebody explain this to me. A lot of the key people in the Gov't are former mil. Doesn't make sense.

    ...speaking I need to call my Sgt. I was pressed to do his work while he is out. Man...I forgot how much work Sgt's. do.


    sorry for the rant, These guys deserve better than they get.
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    First, tell Congress that the money shouldn't be an appropriation every year but a straight budget - you know like BLM, Forest Service, etc. That would be a nice start for one. That way they wouldn't always be stuck with hiring freezes and could actually possibly hire people?

    Second, how about if we cut out some of upper management (who tend to get way too much money) and actually hire doctors and nurses? Of course that is if you can find a doctor who will take the job for the pay. And nurses are in short supply over the whole country (plus the VA doesn't have the incentive program and can't offer a $10,000 hiring bonus that some hospitals do to get a nurse).

    You wonder why they have to schedule an appointment 3 months in advance - hey if that's all they have to wait they're doing good in your area. Some appointments are scheduled out as far as a year in areas. Why? Because there are not enough doctors and clinics to see the number of veterans. And oops why is that? Oh my let's go right back to the source....yep you got it Congress and the President.

    Being depending each year on Congress to pass a budget means that most times the VA operates on a shoe string - never knowing what's going to happen, will they have enough money, is it going to be enough to take care of the veterans they do have, let alone any new veterans.

    As for medications - they are stuck with what they are told they can give out. I forget the name of it or how it works (it was explained to me - but by the time they got done I just shook my head in amazement).

    Oh and let us not forget - thanks to the government's idea of saving money - you have to buy stuff from government contracts. Doesn't matter that they may charge you 3 times what it costs on the open market - that's what you have to do. It's a racket and thanks to whoever set it up it's another thing that keeps costs up and makes it really hard to keep the budget in line.

    Okay rant off.

    As you can tell I could go on but I'm not high enough up.

    As for people being pushed out (young and the like) that's more or less the VBA-an acronmym for which I can't for the life of me think of the real name right now but I don't like them either (which is not the VA mind you) and again the Congress and such - who came up with just how much time they have of benefits at the VA after returning back from combat before they are no longer entitled (unless of course they have combat related problems - then of course they get to go through the same stuff the Vietnam veterans did - no matter what everybody says).
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    I was hoping you would chime in. Explained very well.

    Just sets me off.
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    Bronz, I did forget a few other things. One being the fact that a lot of the VA's are aging - building wise. It's catching up to them now (for a long time they thought the VA would phase out because after all no real wars - then of course all these little actions started coming and oops all of a sudden new veterans entering the system). So the buildings themselves are not up to snuff and are crumbling. Then you've got the fact that some of them are just demographically in the wrong areas nowadays and truly need to be moved to where they will do more good.

    One more thing which I truly can't go into much because I don't have real first hand knowlege of. There are those VA's out there that are more warehouses than true hospitals. That don't care for the veterans, that don't seem them as people first. I wish all those type of VA's would go away and more caring employees come into the system. Someday that will happen (one way or the other).

    On the other hand a lot more of the VA's do care about the people they serve. Whether anyone realizes it or not the doctor's and nurse's and staff are just as frustrated as the veterans themselves when things can't get done. But their hands are tied often as not. And that's what is really sad.
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    Sounds to me like it is all due to funding. Congress would rather spend money on the National Endowment of the Arts. Too much pork. I see it every day. My step dad has the same problems with the V.A. They have scheduled an outpatient surgery several times, but can't ever seem to get their Sh*t in gear enough to actually perform the surgery. Quit giving everyone else OUR money, start protecting OUR border, and start taking care of OUR heroes.
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