Why Keep a Sabbath? - Rev. Ian Goligher

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    Sermon on how we look at our "Sunday" Sabbath. May make you think a bit about how you keep it. Read Nehemiah 13 if you want to get more out of it prior to listening. 36 Minutes.

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    Not wanting get into a Sunday vs Saturday argument but isn't Saturday the last day of the week? I'm not a Seventh Day Adventist and I don't know why they would pick this part to base a denomination on but wouldn't Saturday actually be our Sabbath and Sunday our day of Fellowship?

    I haven't listened yet and will on my way to work tomorrow.
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    Your answer is in the sermon
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    Debating this well really doesnt get anywhere... many denominations close themselves to try and win a point in the bible.. I say view the bible as a whole... understand the original words and there meaning not just there english words.. people would learn a lot...
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    Not sure if you listened to the sermon. It doesn't have much to do with the Saturday/Sunday discussion. It is a Sabbath discussion as in, "How do you keep it and what was the day set aside for?"
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    Thank you for posting this! I'm listening as we speak. As an 'old timey' scottish presbyterian (by spiritual heritage, not descendence), I can appreciate a sermon on the 4th Commandment....
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    If you're Jewish, to be righteous, you must live under the Law given to Moses. However, if you're of the Christian faith, then don't you live under grace and not the Law? hmmmm......just a question.
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    On a purely sectarian point of view: the Russians tried making everyone work 7 days a week and soon found out that production slid right down the drain. God issued an order for a reason-- He is much smarter than we are.
    Why keep a Sabbath-- we need that time to reflect and gather our wits. If you do not want to worship on the Sabbath then at least follow His instructions and rest. You will be much wiser and healthier for it.
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  9. Clyde

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    You are correct on the "legalism" side which was an issue we had to consider in our decision to follow a "sabbath" type day. What I can tell you is we follow the plan as originally intended....to set a day aside for the Lord and to rest. The result has been a robust and loving day with the Lord, family, and friends.

    One could also argue that since we are not bound by legalism, I guess all the 10 commandments are too legalistic, since they are laws. And if that is the case, why not toss them all out? We can't, because those 10 "rules" are the basis of how we are wired and how God has written them into our hearts.
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    Clyde, you are right on.

    Let me add that since one can use the word 'legalism' in various ways, it is helpful to define it.

    One definition has to do with keeping the law in order to earn or merit salvation. Another is to add requirements to God's law when the Scriptures have in fact not done so.

    Either way, the Biblical view of keeping the Sabbath day is not legalistic.
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    I was baptized Mormon not too long ago, and keeping the Sabbath has been just about the hardest thing I've been working on. I'm so used to it being a day to run around and get everything done for the week ahead.
  12. UGRev

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    ... and that's not your fault. Look at all that's happened to society since we lost our way. We've become required to have two working parents and the entire family unit/system has suffered as a result. This society has not left much for personal accomplishments.. it has really only pushed us in a direction where we are forced to work and feel guilty about not working.
  13. UrbanFool

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    I just heard this recently, I don't know who said it. "Our great grandfathers called it the Holy Sabbath, our grandfathers called it the Sabbath, our fathers call it Sunday, and we call it the weekend."
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    Forgotten Commandment

    Clyde in all fairness I'll try and listen to this tonight.
    Just finished listening.The resurrection and the whole apostles meeting on the lords day or the first day won't stand up in scripture.The whole meeting all day on Sunday thing or sabbath where is that in scripture?Acts 20 seems to be a long stretch of proving a dinner changed sabbath from the 7th day to the 1st.
    My stance and beliefs are to let scripture interpret scripture
    My,our the Sabbath will start this evening at sundown.If you'll allow me the liberty of posting some videos and articles on the subject I'll try stay on tract.
    I can share my /family testimony and to be very brief and to the point we REST.That's it !
    In my opinion the keeping of the biblical sabbath was key to unlocking the truths of scripture.I'd like to share some teachings and info over time so that those that are being led to discover truths and seeking his word can research and look up scriptures to decide what's best for them.
    I think many believers feel that Saturday Sabbath is only a jewish thing and that's just a western mind set. If it's in the bible and considered his Word ,it's for all believers.
    Forgotten CommandmenT is a video reminding people of the only commandment that starts of with the word "Remember" and the importance of it.
    YouTube - ‪The Forgotten Day‬&rlm;

    Exodus 20
    8 “ Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. 9 Six days you shall labor and do all your work, 10 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. 11 For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.

    Pretty simple ,we've done the get together thing and whole worship group on sabbath and it was just to much like work and to me it's about inviting Yahua into my house and into me and if your busy doing all these other things it's to hard to listen and what father wants to play second fiddle ?
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  15. beast

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    dont forget the sabbatical year for farms
    god told us how to keep ourselves and our land healthy
    and of course we have been ignoring it for generations
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  16. skyking

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    yep we observed one in 2009 and as we were new to some things it really was tough to let the garden sit idle.
  17. beast

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    i use a 7 year crop rotation
    every year one seventh of my fields/gardens set fallow
    if i cant afford to take a whole year off from growin food
    at least my land gets its rolling time out
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    60 Bible Facts on the Seventh-Day of the Week

    I'll leave you with this as our 7th day is just getting started.

    60 Bible Facts on the Seventh-Day of the Week

    YouTube - ‪60 Bible Facts on the Seventh-Day of the Week‬&rlm;

    Some people say the Sabbath was changed to Sunday in honour of the resurrection and others say it was nailed to the cross. Others will tell you any day can be kept as the Sabbath day as long as you keep one. And still others will say as long as you do everything to the glory of God you don't have to keep God's true Sabbath day. And yet still others say it is legalism. Others will say that the law is gone but when you ask if you can break the Commandments it seems that you still have to obey all but one so the law ending apparently is only one law. In my time of sharing truth, I have received over 100 hundred reasons as to why one of God's eternal Commandments does not have to be obeyed. Is it just me or does it seem strange that there is such an incredible number of excuses to avoid one Commandment? There is a good reason for this and it has to do with a fallen angel that desires to be worshipped as God but on his chosen day in favour of Sun worship and a day that is detestable to God.

    If God spoke to you personally, and told you that He loves you and sent His only Son to die for you and that He wants you to spend quality time with Him on a specific day that He blessed and sanctified, how would you reply to Him? Would you say, "sorry God, that day is not convenient for me" or "no God, I can't spend that time with you on your Holy day, that's legalism" or even, "it does not matter which day God, how about Sunday. I know it is a day that was used for sun worship that you detest but it doesn't matter does it?" Is this what we would really say? Why is it so hard for us to rest in Jesus on His Holy day?

    Christians that know how to keep the Sabbath say it is a blessing and their favourite day of the week. The Sabbath is quality time with family and relaxing and fellowshipping with God and other Christians. Why are there people in the world so determined to take this blessing from those who keep the Sabbath properly and in the way Jesus intended? If those who condemn Christians who choose to be obedient to God and convince others they don't have to spend this quality time with God are wrong, they are in very serious trouble. If those that enjoy keeping the Sabbath and do so are wrong, God will have no punishment whatsoever for those who just wanted to obey Him in love. Why do so many people try so hard to justify why we don't have to spend this quality time with God on His Holy day? The Sabbath should be our favourite day of the week and it is for those who keep it according to the Bible. God says we are to find this day a delight and a blessing. Isaiah 58:13-14 "If you turn away your foot from the sabbath, from doing your pleasure on my holy day; and call the sabbath a delight, the holy of the LORD, honourable; and shall honour him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words: Then shall you delight thyself in the LORD..."

    It appears that everyone has a different idea about this issue of the Seventh day Sabbath truth. God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33) and when there is so much confusion and conflicting information you know that Satan has been hard at work and one needs to diligently investigate with an open mind and find the real truth. Those that now understand this deception call it Histories greatest hoax.

    Today there are more than 500 denominations that know the Sabbath truth including the Roman Catholic Church as they are responsible for changing the day in favour of Sun worship. The Catholic Church regularly write quotes saying this is a mark of their authority and power that they have over God and the Bible and this is also indisputably supported by history. They also openly admit that Saturday is still the true Sabbath and should be kept by those who choose to follow the Bible and the Bible alone. Why is it that they are the only Church that knows this truth and acknowledges it? Why are so many other Christians and Churches so desperate to deny this fact? Don't they love God or are they just following an extremely well perpetuated lie by the enemy? If you want more detail on the Sabbath truth or how the change came about, visit www.sabbathtruth.com
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