Why media blackout on details of riots / looting related to DC etc power problems?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Thaddius Bickerton, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Why can the media report from a desert on the other side of the world, but no news seems to be coming out of DC et al except pics of downed trees and such.

    Unlike all other major power failures in large cities there is no riot /looting?

    Of course such a blackout does allow people to not follow any protests about such things as recent supreme rulings or protests, or EO's or new taxes or the contempt thing for the attorney general or the hiding behind executive privelage that makes F&F belong to the pres.

    has anyone heard anything or is it all just peaches and cream?

    Just wondering.
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    I was wondering that myself...but, there's not much to loot in SE DC. They would have to take the bus/Metro into DC proper to loot. I figure the looter sticks close to home.
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    I work in DC. For the most part, most people have power. I drive through residential areas and I have seen nothing out of the ordinary. Most of the power outages in the DC area are in suburban MD, and northern VA.

    I saw the swimming pool story, and I know it is sad to say, but it does not surprise me at all.
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    Me and a friend was talking about that yesterday and how we had seen no reports. When we got hit here It wasn't a full hour my radio started and they were calling us out from home B&E's calls started coming from every end of the county. Then the following morn with power out the gas stations were closed we had couple Mom and Pop stations that had prepared with back up generators and was able to open. People went crazy traffic backed up for miles, fights finally I got on the PA and told people to calm down and and any form as disorderly conduct you would be pulled out of line and forced to leave or be arrested and vehicle towed. It wasn't 15 min a guy from NewYork started cursing an 80 year old lady screaming Im going to get my gas you old F*@^$ B*@h. I jerked out of line forced him to leave the county about 30mins later I heard a tow truck dispatched to I64 man from NewYork was out of gas. So I know they had problems in places like DC. Im glad I had fuel stored up for a few days I just went and refuled everything yester day.
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    Unfortunately what you are describing is situation normal in DC.

    I have no doubt calls are up, but no significant civil unrest so to speak.

    There is a reason I live as far away from DC as I can and still get to and from work in a reasonable amount of time.

    When we loose power here we all pull the grills out and have a block party.

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    The assumption that there is riots and looting is sort making up news. You heard it from a guy that works there ^.

    Sometimes there is just nothing to report... except falling trees.
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    I am sure all is calm in DC because Barak has promised them more free stuff!!!
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