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    I chanced upon this website What are Monkey Adaptations?, whilst accidentally trying to access the SM website. We can thank our monkey cousins, and our common ancestors for our evolutionary survival.

    Survival monkeys are:

    Adaptable: Survival monkeys will adapt to suit their environment's characteristics....or they will create an environment that best suits their characteristics.

    Inquisitive: Survival monkeys will tinker, and observe and experiment. They want to know how things work and even more so, want to make things work better.

    Dextrous: Opposable thumbs, with dextrous fingers and the ability to grasp and manipulate held objects, together with the characteristics of adaptability and inquisitiveness, have led to toolmaking which has contributed greatly to the development of Survival Monkey brain capacity, and ability to think, imagine and problem solve. A feedback loop that has seen evolutionary development onwards to present day homo sapiens.

    Sociable: Monkeys are creatures for whom social structures, communication and the communal protection of mothers and infants within the tribe are important contributors to evolutionary development. The ability to participate in very complicated communication and social behaviour has been instrumental in brain development and complexity.

    Giving the name Survival Monkeys to this prepping and survival site is indeed, very apt...the founding members' decision to come up with and use the name Survival Monkeys, was very well considered.
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    some even fling poo.....;)
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    So you are saying that we will survive because we all have A.I.D.S.?
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    Hubris, not AIDS is likely to be the death of our species

    Evidently, we don't all have A.I.D.S. in the same way as we don't all have syphilis or ghonorrhoea. (Not even all monkeys have AIDS, let alone all humans). Despite the tragedy and misery A.I.D.S. causes, it is unlikely to be the event that will drive our species to extinction, even if it does drive individual humans, and a fraction of the human population to lingering deaths.

    There have been mass extinction events on this planet before, and there
    is no guarantee that we as a species will necessary survive the next one. We need to understand that we are a species of the animal kingdom and that our success as a species, is attributable to, among other things, our adaptability, and our ability to think (concretely and abstractly), problem solve, communicate, cooperate in social groupings; and create and use tools. Therein lies our greatest strengths....and our greatest weaknesses. Our destruction will most likely be the result of hubris, the belief that we among all the inhabitants of this planet are special, that what applies to the rest of the animal kningdom doesn't apply to us, and that we have some special entitlement to be and do anything we like, without consequence to the biosphere that we inhabit. Short of a collision by a comet or asteroid or some other non terrestial object, WE as a species are the most likely potential cause of our own extinction.

    A.I.D.S. may well cull some of our population, but at this stage, it is unlikely that we, using our creativity, problem solving, communicating ability etc will not be able to control that problem, if not eliminate it in the same way that Smallpox and Polio have been largely been controlled and eliminated. That is not to say, that we will necessarily successfully meet every challenge that nature is likely to confront us with. Humanity has come close to being extinct before, and humanity will undoubtedly face the challenges of potential extinction in the future....that is part of the reason why some of us monkeys, belong to Survival Monkeys: To prepare for those potential threats to our individual survival, and the survival of those that we love and care about.

    Endangered Species: Humans Might Have Faced Extinction 1 Million Years Ago: Scientific American

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    Gotta wonder on the last one, OPSEC and all
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    Thankyou snowbyrd

    Ah......was never good at cryptic crosswords and things like Sudoku...didn't make that connection. I tend to be a rather literal reader at times. Still and all...it was a good essay anyway. Apologies to TheEconomist if I have misconstrued his comment...The order in which i discussed survival characteristics was unintentional, having adapted some of the headings from the referenced web page.
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    Its cool, just thought I would ATTEMPT humor.
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    It's good that it's all good.

    That's cool...just thought I had a danged creationist on my hands...sometimes it's hard to pick up what is humour and what is literally meant...I have occasionally fallen into the same trap...my sense of humour gets a little quirky sometimes too...am glad that it's all good on both sides of the pond! : )
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    Man do I love you folks here, LOL, Even if you don't have quite the same slang we have here.
    UH, a stud to you is what?
    Hooka hey!
    How many lingos are on just this one site????
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    A stud in your ear.....

    It's something that one puts in one's ear....kinky I know....but context is all! ; )

    A stud in one's ear, is not quite the same thing as a stud in one's rear! Though, truth to tell...some people manage to have both.....
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    i'd have bet on a 8' 2x4[peep]
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    I'll raise your stud, but don't hit my noggin with it.

    The stud could be a lump of wood, but in the context of a timber structure but it could also be one of a number of the fastenings on a dickie shirt, ....but very unlikely....who wears dickie shirts these days....um....probably the same kind of people who have ...um....I mean wear spats! ; )
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