Why MSNBC and NBC are such Obama Cheerleaders?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Apr 23, 2009.

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    This is from a friend of mine's Blog:

    Why MSNBC and NBC are such Obama Cheerleaders?

    Between Chris Matthews feeling a "thrill going up his leg" during Obama's inauguration and Keith Obermann allowing Garofalo to call all the attendees of the April 15th Tea Parties "racists", it is not a question of whether NBC/MSNBC is an Obama propaganda arm but why it is on his side.

    I think I know the reason. These networks' parent company, General Electric, is fixing to make BILLIONS of dollars off of the Messiah's reign.

    First there are the direct tangible benefits:

    1. Electronic medical records are a cornerstone of Obama's health care reforms. Who do you think will get a huge piece of that pie? GE Medical

    2. Obama LOVES green energy even though green energy has NO chance of fulfilling our energy needs. Who is a major player in the emerging green energy market? GE Energy

    But here is the main reason that GE is kissing the Holy Butt of Obama (HBO) -- The bad economy in the United States creates great opportunity for General Electric.

    Here is how General Electric has become the "global" company that it has become. They wait for a country's economy to go into the tank and then they pounce. GE and especially the GE Capital companies are always watching the global economy looking for countries in financial distress. When they find such a country, they go into it and cherry pick (acquire) all the companies at a large discount. They know that eventually the economy will come back and now they own the companies in that country that fit GE's mission. In the mid-1990's, GE Capital Fleet acquired all the viable truck and car leasing companies in Japan when Japan's economy was in the tank and its currency was weak against the dollar.

    Most of the GE Capital companies have organizations who sole purpose is the acquisition of weak companies around the world with similiar business focus to the parent GE company.

    GE has seen that Obama's course of action is leading the USA into an economic free fall. GE has cash and foreign assets just waiting to pounce on US companies just like they have vultured other countries' companies. They see a huge payday as long as Obama is in power.

    So GE management has nutured and encouraged the Obama cheerleading you see on NBC and MSNBC. They want their media propaganda machine to keep Obama as popular with the Sheeple as long as they can. Then, they can take over the business world.
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    As the old saying goes, "Follow the money!"

    Now, a further question - is there a connection between GE and George Soros? If that can be established, we really have found 'the smoking gun' behind the obamafascination.

    Keeping the Sheeple interested in Pelosi's sock puppet isn't hard - just have him grin and keep promising the Entitlement Generation all they can wish for with no need to earn it - they'll stay on the hook willingly. They are eager to give up all pretenses to freedom and liberty, as long as they can have their welfare checks, big screen tellys to watch 'Idol' on, and can still complain about being prejudiced against.

    The tricky bit will come if&when they have made all the working tax-payers into felons, caused them to lose their jobs, homes and all they have worked their entire lives for, and are now 'on the dole' themselves.....
    Who then pays the bills and supports the fuzzy feel-good social programs?
    Ah right - we borrow more trillions from the Chinese...... [loco]
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