Why now? The muslim refugee issue

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    Raging Horror Confirmed at Austria Italy Border – Mid-East Muslim “Refugees” Go On Rampage…. | The Last Refuge

    Is Europe feeling sorry for and giving aid to what will turn out to be a horde of locusts?

    Number of migrants accepted by...
    Saudi Arabia - 0
    Bahrain - 0
    Qatar - 0
    Kuwait - 0
    UAE - 0
    Oman - 0

    . . . or, why aren't refugees trying to flee to Muslim countries??
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    @CATO I too am not a fan of Alex jones, always thought he was too dramatic. However he is on the money with this. Why do none of the middle eastern countries take in these refugees. Something stinks in Denmark and it is not unwashed refugees because of the restrictions they are placing on them. The rest of the western world needs to follow their lead.
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    Within the body of the "refugees" will be agents to reinforce whatever action they are planning to to further Islamic Tyranny. Each country will shed blood from well intentioned but naive hospitality.
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    All the media focus on this, to divert our attention away from Iran getting the nuke deal with obummer..... more distractions here at home. Abroad, the fall of Europe has started......
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    Let's hope the US doesn't make the same foolish mistake. But with the Muslim sympathizer in charge, somehow I can't help but think we will.
    And yes YD, the Iran nuke deal is a good deal - for Iran and no one else.
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    Did anyone see the Iran hit list with Bill Gates and other American billionaires on the list? Obummer was conspicuously absent from the list
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    FIFY. [eek3]
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    I'm glad this thread is in the Tin Foil Hat lounge.....though the thread is not wrapped with nearly enough tin foil. :rolleyes:
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    When I see picutes on TV i don't see starving refugees. I see 20-30 something males with dark sunglasses and cell phones with nice cloths. What is a refugee doing with a working cell phone I ask you? Perhaps being a refugee has changed?

    And before the USA takes in a bunch more refugees we need to start counting how many have come from our neighbor to the south. We have more refugees than any country. Some 60 million at last count. aka illegal aliens
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    I agree @Ganado. I saw a CNN report of the refugee's on the train. They all looked fresh, clean and well rested. I took a train trip once and it was ugly.
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    I don't think Tony Abbott would agree your laissez-faire immigration policy . . . not that his opinion is any better than yours, but, to dismiss these events as an opportunity to infiltrate will be costly.
    Syrians welcome as long as they aren't young, single Muslim men - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Syrians welcome as long as they aren't young, single Muslim men
    Updated about 5 hours ago

    It's become apparent that the four least appealing qualities in a refugee are being Syrian, single, male and a Muslim. Since the weekend, ministers have been saying the Government's focus will be on 'families and women and children'. And again today Cabinet ministers stressed that families, women and children will get priority when decisions are made about which Syrians will be among the 12,000 being resettled in Australia. The exclusion of single men from that formula has angered religious, legal and community groups. They are demanding the Abbott Government make resettlement decisions based only on humanitarian need.
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    Since when does humanitarian need supersede security? Letting a starving wolf in your living room will not end well.
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    All of the footage I've seen shown young men who are old enough to grab their sacks and fight for their country. This whole thing is b.s. and it will not end well for anyone.
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    The religious wars never end....they just change in tactics...... Jihad by emigration is the new tool.
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    Actually it's a very old tool if you read the link above.
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    You are correct.... It is what I meant in general, just did not not finish my thought I guess.... it is an old method being used, yet again, as a tool to achieve their goals.
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