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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by gunbunny, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. gunbunny

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    We are in the middle of a slow economic collapse. Things are happening around us a few times a week. Why is this section of the forum hardly used?

    Everybody have prepper's burnout? I.E. "Not another European Sovereign debt crisis again..."

    Tired of laughing at an obviously rigged game? I.E. "The large bussomed lady on CNBC said that Detroit went under but it's okay because that means there are lots of opportunity for low priced stocks!"

    Shut up Gunbunny and go back to your hidey-hole? I.E. "STFU"
  2. tulianr

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    "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." And I can definitely not say anything nice about our economic situation.

    We have crossed the Rubicon, I am afraid. No one even talks about balancing the budget any longer, or eliminating the deficit. All we hear out of our so called representatives is "reducing the growth" of the deficit, and "stimulating" a dying economy. Their solution is a bit like bringing a drowning man part of the way out of the water. The decline and fall has already begun. The only debate that remains is how quickly we hit the bottom. And that's me trying to put a happy face on it. ;)
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  3. Brokor

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    250 miles from any coastline, we get tossed a raft which stays afloat only an hour or two, then collapses. Another is tossed in, but the same thing happens. Oh, and there's a massive hurricane heading our way. Of course, there are sharks everywhere, well what's left after the Chinese finned them. So, we lose a bit of the crew on occasion. But hey, nobody is giving up hope, right? Right? Yeah, that's the economy.
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  4. gunbunny

    gunbunny Never Trust A Bunny

    I was mostly commenting about the number of little things that happen weekly, but for some reason we don't discuss them in this particular forum.

    As an example, I can remember a list of items that usually happens before an economic collapse, and one of them was a bunch of high ranking military officials would resign before they would do something horrible. This has happened, albeit very slowly, and one at a time.

    Anybody remember that list? I think it was a 15 point list of things to look for before a collapse. Maybe we can resurrect the list and check off the items that already took place. My bet is that it will be pretty full of check marks.
  5. VisuTrac

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    This is the new normal.
    Wink and a nod on cooked book numbers (inflation, unemployment, money supply, debt ratings)

    Just remember at every poker table there is at least one sucker. If you don't know who the sucker is .. erm, you might want to try spending your money elsewhere.
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  6. HK_User

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    FWIW, Each has their own needs and by that I mean that I sure don't want to rock another's boat when I don't know how rough the seas are in their centsless world. For some 1 silver round is not even a near realilty.
  7. Yard Dart

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    I think everyone here see's what is going on, for the reality it is for the most part.... and that is just the fact that the economy and the nation in general is on a spiral that the .gov has all but given up talking about. Have you noticed we are spending a lot of time talking about a young thug shot where the Victim killed him in self defense....and the jury said that was the case.... and there is this national debate going on questioning if justice was served...... but we are failing to talk about the debt, IRS, good men dead (bengazi) and all sorts of other related scandals and violations of our rights.... so many important issues facing our country getting slid into the shadow's to keep the sheep numb to what is going on around them.

    After obummer made his statements Friday in the press room, most TV shows and national talk radio will do Monday and most of the week is talk about the pro's and con' of his statements about race relations. You know I grew up cognizant of the races but feel I am as neutral as I can be when it comes to that issue and never have been that concerned about the color of a man, but as MLK said, the content of their character. Since obummer has been elected, racial relations have slid 20 years at least.... which gives his side leverage since it is their power base, without giving a damn about those races or doing anything to lift them up out of the situations they find themselves in (I know it is mostly self imposed, not to distract from this convo).

    When is the last time you heard a conversation about the LEO actions in the wake of the Boston bombings....how many citizens had their civil rights trampled.... many. But what is going to happen there, nothing, until the next terrorist type attack and they will do the same thing 10 fold and keep pushing the boundaries as they have already set the precedent to what society will allow...tragic.

    The current state of the country is a bit of see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil.....but evil has the nation in its clutches.
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  8. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    I would like to see this list you mentioned. It would be interesting to see if the signs are there.
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