Why Some Are Stealing Medications From Their Pets

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chimo, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. chimo

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    Full article here: Why Some Are Stealing Medications From Their Pets

    I knew it would come....the narrative begins to tighten up pet meds so that us peons can't use them. Government must control everything to keep us dependent upon them and not ourselves.
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    It is nobody's business if I use antibiotics without a prescription. In many countries, one doesn't need a prescription but here I can't even get a blood test without going to the doctor first and having to pay the cost of a visit. In one poor country that I know, they recently changed their laws so that you now do need prescription for most meds but the reason they did it was not one of Public Health. They did it because their doctors were leaving the country because their pay was so low so by doing this the cost of a doctor remains the same but they are seeing lots more people so they are making much more money and staying in country.

    The Medical industry in this country is a racket, pure and simply. I was told once, don't know if true, that the AMA controlled even the number of students accepted for medical programs yet we have major shortages of doctors. Strange, as other first-world countries like Germany don't have shortages. And, I am still waiting for someone to explain why it costs so much more here for medicines than most other places in the world. It's a good bet that they will now regulate all animal medication in the near future as they seem to think a regulation solves everything even when there is not a problem.
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    Stock up on your fish antibiotics now...
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    Time to update the cost spreadsheet and make some purchases for my pets.
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    Pet meds have shelf lives like people meds. They loose potency therefore I would think looking for herbals that can be used is better.
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  7. chimo

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    One should do both.
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    I make my own colloidal silver and use alternative medicines, and don't need big pharma for any thing.
  9. chimo

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    I grow or raise all my own food...why would I ever need to buy food from anyone?

    Because one is none and two is one...and Murphy has no mercy.
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