Why Summer Is Women's Winter

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    Of course, winter is the men's summer....Plenty of places like libraries and colleges have the thermostat setting maxed to high. Sometimes I have to just about strip down to my underwear just to feel mildly comfortable in environmental temperature settings that make Hades seem like a freezer.
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    Some people just like to complain incessantly about anything, Add snowflakes to estrogen you have most men's ex-wives.
    the reason why 50% of marriages end in divorce - because murder is illegal. One or the other cannot shut up, be reasonable or has control issues, it's a fine line between love and lets go on a cruise so I can toss you over the side.

    I'll bet a bundle on a room full of fat women over 40 and that thermostat will not be set on 77. It's easier to wear a sweater or jacket and still I nave seen women with heaters under their desks ALL YEAR LONG , while other women prance around in skin tight silk dresses cleavage to their navel of course after they move in or get married they wear sweats and start to look like the abominable thing from another world. Women like to think of themselves as the stronger sex I just never see any as brick layers, iron workers, ordinary seamen or oilfield workers when I see one on a road crew they are holding the signs not dragging the concrete saw pressure washer or handling the air hammer which by the way is half the weight they used to be.

    I am not sexist I realize there are numerous jobs that most men are not good at and there are jobs women handle in superior ways but that is not 100% true as there are always exceptions and if people want to do something and are able why not life is not lived well if you do not have a chance to succeed in a work you want to do. Just don't expect others to pick up the slack if your not able I have seen that with both sexes where the wrong person is placed and everyone has to make up for their failings, then there are the lazy that want to find faults to cover their inefficiencies.
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    @3M-TA3 that was funny and so true. Last week it hit 100 outside and I was sitting at my desk in a sweater. I have an office sweater that is designated for office only. Never want to be caught without one.

    @ochit it is a joke thread.
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    I thought the "going on a cruise to throw her over the side was funny"
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