Why the Second Amendment protects the AR-15

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by hot diggity, Mar 31, 2018.

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    An interesting read from The Washington Times. I'll post a link to the complete article, but this paragraph caught my eye.

    "The Second Amendment has never been recondite, it is only the judges who have been obtuse. An intelligible interpretation of the Second Amendment emerges the instant one reconciles the prefatory and operative clauses. In other words, the “militia” described in the prefatory clause is a militia composed of a people with a right to keep and bear arms. What type of arms? In 1939, the Supreme Court spoke explicitly to this. At the time the Second Amendment was adopted, men summoned to militia duty were expected “to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time.” The Amendment not only protects weapons that might be useful in a military context, arguably it only protects those weapons useful in military service...."

    Second Amendment protects the assault rifles
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  2. Ura-Ki

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    Xactly! Insure wish more folks understood this!
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  3. oil pan 4

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    Same reason the first was written some 240 years ago yet still protects electronic media.
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  4. ochit

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    fine post to bad it's wasted on ignorant people, today people cannot even tell what sex they are how can truth survive in such an atmosphere or reason. what it is going to take is a massive die off, A horrible, ghastly, unimaginable event like civil war or an invasion nuclear disaster followed by looting and mass murder and rape before most of these fools get it.

    We cannot explain to a nation of people that have lived in luxury, yes luxury, why don't these fools get it that, that is why people die trying to come to the United States, Where even the poorest person can eat one time a day a beggar can make more in a day than they can in a year in their country , in countries where no one gives away food clothing or ever sees a doctor and where the military are the police and will shoot you for fun. It is truly disgusting how ignorant and ungrateful sanctimonious and rude these people are. The word sanctimonious was not misused as it is their religion to consider their viewpoint the only truth given all the proof against it. If we were a more enlightened nation we would realize that they are members of a cult, that live in a fantasy where reality has no effect it is truly incredible that knowledge of the entirety of man is on a cell phone and they are so damn ignorant.
  5. hot diggity

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    That concise paragraph is one of the clearest descriptions of 2A that I've ever read.

    It includes a new vocabulary word as well;
    • Definition of recondite
    1 : difficult or impossible for one of ordinary understanding or knowledge to comprehend : deep
    • a recondite subject
    2 : of, relating to, or dealing with something little known or obscure
    • recondite fact about the origin of the holiday
    • —Floyd Dell
    3 : hidden from sight : concealed

    It's impossible to educate the willingly ignorant, and education is clearly the issue here. We punish elementary school students for chewing pop tarts into gun shapes, "protect" everyone from exposure to firearms, offer no gun safety training, and then demonize The Second Amendment... or simply never mention it, or our history, or God in school.

    I had 136 shooters at the range yesterday, many of them first time shooters. I didn't see a single one that looked terrified to be learning firearm safety and handling in a safe way. Perhaps this latest push by "student protesters" to restrict guns is doing more to educate those who are willing to learn and understand why The Second Amendment exists. The Founders knew what they were writing. They liked concise, clear statements. Words that would be crystal clear to anyone exposed to them, and educated on their context. They also surely understood that you can't fix stupid.
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  6. Lancer

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    The grabbers do understand it. But it doesn't fit into their long term plans.
    The rest of the S*** throwing monkeys don't understand, and don't care. They're the definition of useful idiots.
  7. techsar

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    The Bill of Rights neither protects or gives rights but simply lists off a few that are near the top. These are basic human rights that all were born with...and the BoR is a reminder to government that these items, among others, are entirely out of their jurisdiction.
  8. hot diggity

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    Bingo! And we used to learn this in school. An ever expanding government that seeks to control every aspect of our lives doesn't like being restricted by The Bill of Rights. So "educators" twist our history, teach children that we live in a democracy, omit inconvenient details (Constitutional republic, electoral college, states rights, and the entire Bill of Rights) blame racism or some other "ism" for everything, claim "militia" means National Guard, and that The Constitution is a "living document." Is it any wonder that these now voting age children are confused and angered when things don't go the way their Facebook friends told them it should go?
  9. Bandit99

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    And, very well stated! We all need to remind ourselves of this. We're born with these rights, not given, and cannot be taken.

    "...arguably it only protects those weapons useful in military service...."
    This is how they should shape their argument in support of the 2nd in the future.
  10. ghrit

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    A slight disagreement, here. It has zero to do with protecting weapons, but surely does enumerate the right to own one. Methinks the argument should be taken to a more basic level and get the hardware wholly out of the case.
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  11. arleigh

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    Those primed to stir controversy, do not care for the truth or facts, they are paid to manipulate the ignorant. reasoning that if they don't do it some one else will reap the profits of this act, disregarding the cost to the nation. "Teachers"
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  12. Ganado

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    A very nice post @hot diggity

    and maybe you all are reading and listening to media and hearing what they want you to hear not what is actually going on.... Consider the mainstream media is programing YOU, programing you to believe that other people are stupid or ignorant or idiots, whatever term you want to use.... I think @hot diggity 's post that said he had 13 new peopel on the range willing to learn to handle fire arms says alot about america and who is waking up.

    When you watch MSNBC, you get the MSNBC mentality.... not what is actually happening in the world

    Same thing with everything you watch,, if you fill your mind with crap you begin to thing the world is crap. Try looking at young peopel who are trying to solve to day's problems not just complain about them. Complaining is a skill used by the useless and tired who have given up trying to make a difference in the world.. Complaining then becomes the problem that back drags on the people who are changing the world one small step at a time.
  13. hot diggity

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    @Ganado, your analysis of the MSM vs reality is spot-on when viewed from my tower on the range. I haven't had a good old fashioned slow weekend since the last president took office. The range is packed. More black rifles, many of the $2-3,000 variety,
    suppressors, SBR's and high-dollar optics than I have ever seen. Good thing life members get a bench early, or we'd be in line with the youngsters.

    I had 136 shooters on Saturday of Easter weekend. Roughly 1/3 of those had never been to my range, and judging from the amount of coaching vs shooting that was going on, about 1/3 of those folks had never shot a firearm before. (which makes your 13 pretty close, but sounds waaaay better! Something I've learned from the MSM.) From the one day of shooting I picked up THREE TIMES more brass on the pistol line than I usually get in a Saturday, and my one day total of rifle and pistol brass was more than I usually haul on a good weekend. (I hauled my weight or more in brass, half of it in one caliber. Anybody want to guess?)

    ...and we're going to have another big day today!
  14. Gator 45/70

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  15. hot diggity

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    Nope. Not 9mm. There was surprisingly little 9mm/380 this weekend. Lots of .40 & .45, but none of them could match the most popular ammo of the weekend, and most weekends.
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  16. hot diggity

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  17. Ura-Ki

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    5.56 NATO!
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  18. hot diggity

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    Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Almost a full 5 gallon bucket of .223/5.56. Most of it was from "America's favorite rifle." (It's FAR from my favorite.)
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  19. Ura-Ki

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    Lol! I would be jumping up and down and doing backflips were it 7.62X51 brass, always looking for more good brass!
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  20. Lancer

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    Seems relatively common everywhere. The range we are members at just bumped total membership limit to 1,200 paid-for memberships. And the wait list has jumped out to roughly five years based on historical churn. And the only time I'll go now, except for competition matches, is on Sun morning @ 0700. The earliest allowed. With every member allowed two guests at a time it gets too busy on the handgun and longer rifle ranges for my taste. We're having to consider real RO's during weekends now.
    But in general I consider it a good sign.
    What I really, really like though is that the dedicated .22 range is just flat always completely swamped with youngsters age 8 - 16 or so. Those kids absolutely love .22 two-gun. It seems I always have a couple of my Rugers lent out to parents lately.
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