Why Was Chris Kyle Killed?

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    Now we have it. The reason for this discussion. Anybody is welcome to post, please keep it civil. This is located in the "Tin Foil" Lounge, and it is suitable.

    I will link some sites leading to information which I may not agree with. This is only to provide a full spectrum of opinion in the matter and charge a healthy debate or collection of data. Please be aware that this thread is to debate the possibility or likelihood of a cover-up and it is not intended to be comical or disrespectful toward the memory of Chris Kyle.

    @Mindgrinder Any input, man?

    Who was he?

    How ‘American Sniper' Chris Kyle Met The Man Who Killed Him (VIDEO)
    Chris Kyle American Sniper | Chris Kyle American Gun | Chris Kyle Navy SEAL

    Christopher Scott Kyle was born and raised in Texas and was a United States Navy SEAL from 1999 to 2009. He is currently known as the most successful sniper in American military history. According to his book American Sniper, he had 160 confirmed kills (which was from 255 claimed kills).

    A claimed kill refers to a shot where the round hits the target, but cannot confirm the kill.

    Chris Kyle served as a Navy SEAL in 4 tours in the latest Iraq war. For his bravery and military skills, he was awarded some of the highest medals in the US military multiple times including the Bronze and Silver Star.

    Whilst in Iraq, the insurgents called him the "Devil of Ramadi" and offered a bounty for his head. In a funny twist, they displayed pictures of him around the local area with the bounty but it was a picture of another sniper! He was shot twice, and was involved in six IED attacks

    Chris needed to make a decision on family life or the military. He had a small child that he did not know very well as he was overseas constantly. This also put pressure on his marriage, so he decided to leave the SEALS and was honourably discharged in 2009. After some time struggling with civilian life, he started a security company called CRAFT and wrote the New York Times bestselling book, American Sniper.

    Unfortunately Chris Kyle was murdered at a shooting range by a US military veteran he was trying to help on February 2, 2013 in Texas.

    A film has been made starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller and is called American Sniper. It was launched at cinemas around the world in January 2015. Clint Eastwood is the director.

    Conspiracy links:

    Did Craft International's Chris Kyle Fake his Death? - NODISINFO
    » US Marine Questions Narrative Behind Chris Kyle Murder Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
    What Troubles Me About the Legend of Chris Kyle | FrontBurner | D Magazine
    Was the “Motive” in Seal Sniper Chris Kyle’s Murder, Money? Or… Coverup? : The Jack Blood Show

    Seal Team 6: **BOMBSHELL**: 8 SEAL TEAM 6 Members Who ‘KILLED BIN LADEN’ Were Murdered While FIGHT ON THE GROUND… Not In HELICOPTER CRASH LIKE ADMIN CLAIMS – Says Victims Father/Atty – Secrets of the Fed
    Navy SEAL’s dad: Obama sent my son to his death
    Unanswered questions plague SEAL Team 6 losses

    My input:

    I would start with any investigation with the most solid bits of data and go straight toward CRAFT INTERNATIONAL.

    Craft International, a defense and combat training company co-founded by Kyle in 2009, is at the center of the lawsuit launched by Taya Kyle.

    The Dallas Morning News reported details of the suit against Craft’s CEO Steven Young and Chief Operating Officer Bo French, which included accusations of shutting Taya out of certain aspects despite her claim to own 85 percent of the company:

    When the Morning News reached Young, he declined to issue a comment for both himself and French.

    Taya Kyle is looking to access company records and also wants Craft International to stop using the skull logo her husband designed.

    More information on Craft International:

    Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy: Craft International, False Flag – UPDATED | Houdini's Revenge
    Boston Bombings Conspiracy Theories: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know | Heavy.com
    Boston Bombing: Third Man With Craft International Ops Carrying TWO Bags / Others quickly Leave | Opinion - Liberal
    Was Chris Kyle's Death Faked, And Did His Craft Team Blow Up Boston? Compelling Evidence! | Conspiracy Theories
    Craft International Private Military Forces at Boston Marathon?
    The True Story About 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Finally Comes Out
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    Jesus Christ....now I have to research all that just for shooting my mouth off out of instinct....
    Then thinking I might have been wrong....
    And now maybe thinking I was right again.

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    Yup. I linked Seal Team 6 because it plays right into this whole fiasco.

    Think of this: Craft Int. meets Jason Bourne meets some serious min-altering drugs meets a "PTSD" guy who was having "therapy" session at a gun range meets coverup and of course, the whole program in risk of being discovered...

    Just my initial observation.
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    My derp...I was confused - happens...
    Life is so good on my side right now it's almost hard to get negative...
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    When did he become Seal Team 6? He started out and spent many years with Seal Team 3.
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  6. Ganado

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    I was wondering the same thing Motomom34.
  7. Mindgrinder

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    He wasn't 6 ever....that was the disney fairytale wherein the real life portion or the story the entire team gets mopped to cover up a fake bin laden kill. I got them mixed up....or mixed together. Looks like as far as 3 goes, it was just "The Legend" who got whacked to cover up dirty deads done by his private mil contractor company. Still reading.
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    Some fictional story's had been mentioned, ie; bourne, may I add another story that could make one think that the corporate intrigue inferred of craft may indeed be accurate.. That would be a movie named, Arlington Road..

    Many of the conspiracy theories had been shown to be true.. The clandestine gov. agency that had tried the use of pharmaceutical's to control "volunteer's" minds, or the witch's??? The term "conspiracy theory" is used to distract and to belittle those that become aware of some details.. The accounts of Kris Kyle's death just did not set right with me. Situational awareness had to be so ingrained in those two and the standards of range safety, that when someone charges a weapon one becomes instincaly aware of everything.. Then, there are twisted people out there!

    Just my paranoid thoughts..
    I just know that "they" are all out to get us..
    Who are they?
    Have a theory.. Point a finger and thats who "they" are..
    Or is that what"they" want you to believe?
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    1. [​IMG] 1:39 - Brokor:
      You were brutal in the first thread about Kyle. At least you manned up and admitted you made a mistake. But too harsh, bro. Even I am not that cruel

    I was raised to be the first to admit when I make a mistake and then to immediately go about fixing it as best I can.
    For what it's worth - I held back a lot of what I wanted to say for fear it might trigger some PTSD kinda stuff for some of the Iraq war vets on here. I know what it's like to have a brain that's not in sync with societal "normal". Call that "respect" if you want but it's more "compassion".
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  10. Pax Mentis

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    He was killed because he tried to help a "wannabe"....a guy who spent one 6 mo deployment mostly behind the wire and "got" PTSD.

    The kid needed attention and killing CK was how he got it.

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