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    I picked up on this term written on a white board behind michael koernkes podium( cinc michigan militia) during the video of his lecture posted in "tinfoil lounge" . I have not read this but the first page looks great , I got excited( impulsive) and figured I better post it so somebody else will also have time to read it tonight...
    "opereration vanmpire killer 2000".
    written inthe early 90's this is cool....
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    I found something in vampire killer of interest , obviously it was written in the early 90's;which lends even more credibility to the document reading is this passage:

    [SIZE=-0]Police Officers must remember what the renowned H.L. Mencken said,[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-0] "To die for an idea: it is unquestionable noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-0]Officers are told the reason the guns have to be removed from the American People is to stop crime and the killing of the innocent. This is a fabrication. Truthfully, the only reason the guns must be removed is to stop any chance of our countrymen raising up and throwing off the "wonderful" programs that their "philanthropic" government leaders have planned for them. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-0]It is time to seriously consider what each of us will do when these Global elitists in our government instruct OFFICERS and NATIONAL GUARDSMEN to go forth and take the guns away from the armed, good people of your city or town ..."FOR THEIR OWN GOOD". Most Officers know the day will come when they will have to make that very hard decision on this gun removal issue. The evidence is all around us that this day is near. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-0]Consider the imperialist N.W.O. position. For the World Elite to truly enjoy their "utopian" Socialist Society, the subject masses must not have the a means to protect themselves against more "voluntary compliance". When one grasps this logical position, there is no longer any question about it: THE GUNS WILL HAVE TO GO. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-0]IF THERE ARE ANY Officers who still doubt this, we are about to prove this planned scenario to you. Keep in mind that the second part of the three-part plan of the N.W.O. Regional Government program (which precedes the One World Government) is that Canada, USA, Mexico and South and Central America are to be combined into one Region. Hence, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is on FAST-TRACK with the backing of our notorious N.W.O.[/SIZE][SIZE=-0] President, N.W.O. Congressmen, Senators and Governors. The other 2 parts presently in the works are: First part - the uniting of the European Nations (Common Market), and #3 - the uniting of the Asian Nations. These make up the "TRI" [3] parts of the Tri-lateral One World Government. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-0]Understanding this well planned program will make the following "PERSONAL PROTECTION" proclamation more clear to any doubting bobbies. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-0]The following is a recent declaration from the government of Australia, which is a member of the British commonwealth. The Canadians, our soon to be northern countrymen, are also a British Commonwealth. Question: When we are merged with the British Commonwealth by the Elitist N.W.O. Parasites will we assume these British Socialist antigun laws or will "they assu
    [/SIZE]"Noreth american free trade zone sound familiar???
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    Vampire killer is a classic in Patriot circles. It was written by Jack McLamb, a former Pheonix police officer. Jack was one of the forerunners of the Patriot Movement of the 90's. There are some videos out of speeches he gave around the country that are very informative and moving.

    I need to go through my archive of old VHS tapes and compile a collection of Patriot speeches on DVD. One of those projects that I have been thinking about, but haven't gotten around to. I have hours of tape of some really good speakers.

    Jack has a radio show on shortwave and I believe on some air stations around the country.

    I just went and looked at the link, I see no credit given to Jack. He was originally reaching out to law enforcement around the country and warning them of the dangers of Federalisation of the nations police departments.
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