Wife of former official charged with murder in Texas DA killing

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    (CNN) -- The wife of a former justice of the peace in Texas is being held on murder charges in connection with the killings of Kaufman County District Attorney Michael McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, county officials announced Wednesday.
    Kim Lene Williams, 46, is also charged with murder in the death of prosecutor Mark Hasse.
    She is in jail, with bail set at $10 million. The Kaufman County jail website lists her as being booked about 3 a.m. Wednesday.
    The McLellands were killed in March, and Hasse was killed in January.

    The arrest warrant said she confessed in detail to her involvement and her husband, Eric Williams', role in the scheme.
    The warrant said she "intentionally and knowingly" caused the deaths and accused her husband of being the trigger man.
    McLelland and Hasse prosecuted Eric Williams on a charges of felony burglary and theft by a public servant last year, according to the warrant. He was removed as a justice of the peace, an elected office, after he was convicted in March 2012, it said.
    Kaufman County Sheriff's Sgt. Matt Woodall wrote in an affidavit filed with the warrant that he "learned from other officers of the county and county employees that Mr. Hasse and Mr. McLelland both believed that Eric Williams blamed them for his removal from office."
    The prosecutors carried handguns for their protection after the Williams trial "because they believed Eric Williams to be a threat to their personal safety," Woodall wrote.
    Eric Williams was arrested last week on a count of making a terroristic threat. A sheriff's affidavit accused him of using his home computer to threaten police investigating the McLellands' killings.
    Eric Williams' attorney released a statement Friday saying he "has cooperated with law enforcement and vigorously denies any and all allegations. He wishes simply to get on with his life and hopes that the perpetrators are brought to justice."
    Investigation opens window on 2012 trial

    So no MS 13 or Supremacists/Aryan gang bangers involved.... I guess the Press got it wrong....
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