Wife see's the realities of a BOB finally

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  1. Hosster

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    So my family is on a nine day vacation in the mountains. Prior to leaving I threw my BOB in the back of the truck. My wife, who has always thought I was looney for keeping one, thought I was stupid for bringing it. I told her that there will be things we forgot to pack that will likely be in my BOB.

    Well what do you know, one day into the trip and we have used quite a bit.

    Paracord strung between trees to dry clothes.
    Ziploc bags to pack lunch.
    $20 for a bundle of wood? I dont think so... got a hatchet for that.
    Kid cuts himself, guess who has first aid?
    Amongst those we have also had the need for candles, a matches, and a flashlight.. all items that we wouldn't have without my BOB.

  2. Redneck Rebel

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    Sounds like your BOB saved your vacation from being a miserable one for the wifey to endure... and as we all know if she's miserable, you're gonna be 100% more miserable
  3. -06

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    My wife used to grumble also but no more. She even reminds me to load it and the extra ammo bag. She finally saw the light.
  4. dragonfly

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    Took mine a terrible toothache and I had the short term remedy: clove oil!
    Since then she asks IF I have anything for a specific malady! Like chapstick and lip balm for fever blisters! Yup, I got that too!
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    My wife bugged out on me,,,,,,,,,lol
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  7. chelloveck

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    On outings

    On outings, I was generally the one to throw a "possibles" bag in the trunk, with food, foul weather gear, water, cooking gear and so forth...it had saved me quite a bit of discomfort at times.
  8. steampunk

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    I have mine actually carrying one and she stocked it herself. So proud of her.

    non timebo mala
  9. snowbyrd

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    Yeppers, it is always when the see the light. It really don't take much for this to be so, one nasty trip that is saved by 'BOB'.
  10. Gunny Highway

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    Always be prepared...you will thank yourself if you need it even one time in your lifetime - so you are alrready on positive side of the ledger
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