Wife wants a vacuum sealer... any recommendations?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackjack, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Blackjack

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    My wife is wanting to get a vacuum sealer like they have infomercials for. I know I've seen a couple people on here talk about them..... can anybody offer some advice or opinions on which one to get? We don't want to spend a whole lot of money.
  2. Tracy

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    I have a Food Saver. It seals and vacuums bags and has the tube attachment to vac pack canisters and jars.

    It works well to vac pack if I get the bag sized correctly. Too large of a bag and the plastic gets in the way of a true seal. I think you'll find that to be true with most models. I've tried different bags (which has a lot to do with the success of long-term storage). I can't say which bag brand is better. I like the rolls, because I like to make the bags to the size of my items, but the pre-cut bags are convenient. Thicker is better.

    I've used it for just about everything (even frozen yogurt sticks). I would highly recommend getting one. Even if you're just using it to keep your chips fresh (you can re-seal the bags), it's worth the investment.

    I don't think that, unless you're doing some serious food processing, you have to spend tons of money on them. I have several friends that have them - we all have different ones - and I don't see that any one of us has an "edge" on the other as far as seals go. They all do the same thing, period.

    I used to have a Seal-a-Meal - no vac, just seal. Worked well.

    Once you get one, you'll wonder what you ever did without it. Camping snacks (individually packed), first aid kit for the boat (or wet camping), the possibilities are endless![winkthumb]
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    Here's the one I have....

    Yeah I spent an arm and a leg for it... but I liked all the features and you can use most other attachments for other sealers...

    I get my money's worth on this because I pack all my go bag contents in Zip Locs and then seal over them with the sealer.... everything.... keeps it all compact and waterproof.... from clothes to TP... books to the Bibles.... extra cash to matches and equipment... everything gets sealed... I keep several rolls of TP vac sealed in the cars as well... you never know...

    Its a good thing... not just for the wife... your tools... your bobs... etc.... make sure to seal in a freezer zip loc and then the sealer bag over it... that way when you open it... you have a way to seal up the contents again...

    Just my 2 cents... i spent alot for it in the beginning and have never regretted it... you can also get continuous rolls for your odd sized items, and long guns etc...[winkthumb]

    Forgot to add... Yup I have the Foodsaver as well.... I even have a manual Pumpsaver.... the Foodsaver is very good... got all the goodies and bags at the local Sears store... works like a champ... Had it for years now.... no need to spend alot.... it's definitely good to have....
    Cabelas Vacuum Sealer.
  4. sniper-66

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    spend the money and go good early, much like a gun, go expensive and you only cry once. I went through two cheap ones before getting a good one.
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