and the 22LR alert +Walmart stock survey.

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    I did some searching here and while I did see wikiarms mentioned, i did not see anything about its alert feature for any ammo. So I apologize in advance if I am rehashing old info.

    Find 22 LR Ammo in stock at lowest prices | WikiArms AmmoEngine

    You have to login to set alerts.

    They have a feature that i use to find 22 LR at 6¢/rnd or better. There is a twist to avoid shipping charges.

    If you live near Bass Pro, Cabelas, Midway or any of the other ammo outlets, you can bypass the shipping charges by having it shipped to the store near you.

    I am lucky enough to have both Bass Pro and Cabelas with in 20 miles of my QTH.

    1. The process is to sign up for an online account to those outlets near you on your phone. Have it set up automaticly login.

    2. When the email alert comes from wikiarms, review it asap to see if it meets or is less than your price limit AND is offer from one of the outlets within driving distance of your QTH.

    3. If it is go quickly to that webpage and place it in the cart and check out as fast as you can. If it is 6¢-4¢/ rnd it will disappear in as little as 5-15 minutes.

    Over the last year I have accumlated in excess of 20k of these precious little buggers including LR round nose, HP, Subsonic and paid less than 6¢ each for them.

    In these days when a "brick" is averaging $40-50 per brick(500 ea) is the norm, finding bargains Is getting harder as people get use to these prices.

    This technique also works for any caliber of ammo on the wikiarms site.

    They also have a Walmrat inventory checker that seems to be accurate about 40-60% of the time based on my testing of the system.
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    Its still there.....
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