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    A collection of Wild Edible Plants found in the Southeastern United States, including recipes and medicinal uses.

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    File added. Sorry for the delay - Converting it from a Word doc to a PDF reduced the files size from 50MB to 13MB
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    Thank you for the assist.
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    Couldn't download this, and I am EXTREMELY interested. My downloader said that the file was damaged.
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    No problems with a download here, came in completely. Over 13 meg could be a problem with some downloaders. What are you using?
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    Worked fine here . . . 2.7 seconds.
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    Thank you tulian...not only does the document act as a field guide for identifying the edible plants but also their toxic look alikes. The document also includes recipes for edible plant culinary use. Knowing how to prepare and cook wild edible plants will make a big difference in the event that one may have to rely on their use to stay alive. The sections on amaranth and arrowroot are good examples of the guide's usefulness.

    Edit: the only criticism I can make is that the common name for the plants are not matched with the relevant Linnaean classifications for them.
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    Using Google Chrome. I'm going to try at home, this evening. It might be the network setup at my job.
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    Okay, it was either Chrome or the network at work. With Foxpro at home, it worked just fine.
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  10. tulianr

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    Thanks Chell. There are tons of good guides out there, but I couldn't find one which included all of the information that I wanted; which was what you mentioned - toxic look alikes, culinary and medicinal uses; and didn't include all the things which I didn't want - namely, every plant that grows in the northern hemisphere, except where I happen to live.

    There are many more edible plants, even in my general region, that I didn't include in my guide; as I only included plants that I knew grew within a mile or two of my location, and I could walk up to them and easily identify them. I know it isn't a comprehensive guide, but hopefully it should be of some value to most of our Monkey friends.

    In my hardcopy of this document, I have included a map of the area surrounding my location after each plant entry, and marked the location(s) of that plant on the map. I would encourage all Monkeys to do the same. That way, even a friend or family member could harvest the plants if you were laid up. Dandelion and Plantain may grow everywhere, but many of the plants are very specific about where they will grow, and may only grow in one or two locations. Foraging is never going to be a long term answer, but could definitely help stretch the stored foodstuffs and medicines in a pinch, and provide a necessary addition of fresh greens during much of the year.

    You mentioned Amaranth. Tac, Mountainman, IsplatU, and several others have provided a wealth of information on Amaranth in the thread "Lots more info on Amaranth and seeds." I'm looking forward to trying my hand at growing Amaranth this year, taking advantage of the storehouse of information that they have all shared. I've added much of their information to my copy of this document, which continues to grow whenever I find something of use.
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    This might be a good supplement: NPIN: Recommended Native Plant Species

    You pick the state and it gives you native flora. To the right, you can narrow down the plant you're looking for.
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  12. DMGoddess

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    Looks like a very useful resource to find out what's likely to grow around you. It's apparently for gardening, but that's fine.
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