Wildfire Map for North America

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ganado, Aug 27, 2015.

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    nice! the second one is Arcgis inserted into USG site.

    My brother does this mapping for a living its super nerdy on the back in so us regular folk can use it =)
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    Thanks for the info.. I am one that is watching and wondering about the fires in this area. We have about two more months to wonder. The paper says some won't be out until snow fly's here..
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    and if it is like last year they didnt get much snow in eastern washington....
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    We have a few days of rain starting today.... If things are lucky, some of that rain will creep over the pass and help with the fires a bit.
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    Here in the southwest we dodge a bullet this year, the forest was very dry this winter, the thinking was that it was going to be a bad fire season here. My best wishes and prayers to the people of the pacific northwest
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    Fire Information Report for Okanogan Complex
    Wildland Fire Incident
    Report Date: 28-AUG-15
    Burnt Area: 292,512 Acres (4% increase from yesterday)
    Location: Okanogan County, Washington
    Cause: Natural
    Incident Team Type: IMT Type 1
    Containment Status: 12% contained
    Expected Containment: 2015-09-15T17:00:00.000

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    Weather is calling for the possibility for thunder storms this weekend.. More lightning means more fires. We need some slow moving soaking rain.. Have fire crews and aircraft in from Canada, some crews from New Zealand and Australia and the army (national guard?) have joined the fire lines. Then theres the exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases.. Has a lot of people on edge and getting themselves ready to run for it if the fires get to close.
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