WILKINSON SWORD CSK 185 (best knife i ever brought)

Discussion in 'Blades' started by aviationlifesupport, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. aviationlifesupport

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    ok chaps ,

    here is the pics of the wilky knife ,
    this is my own personal knife ,
    personally i allways carry 3 types of cutting rig ,

    first is the wilkinson survival knife ,
    second is a gerber gator SERRATED,
    third is a gerber LEGEND ,

    i can use the wilky for all HD cutting and chopping , can also use it for skinning and she goes through bone easily enough too , i have never come accross a knife which held its edge like my wilkinson ,

    for day to day cutting and general tasks i use the gerber gator ,
    nice blade , easy to keep maintained , and the teeth have some in handy on several occasions cutting rope and lines ,
    the only thing that could beat this is IF one day i could find a good "folding" skinning knife , dont think thats ever going to happen ,

    last but not least is the gerber legend multi tool ,
    screw drivers , blades , removable jig saw blade , fiskars scissors , you name it ,
    and unlike the leatherman i can really bastardise something with a gerber and it will NOT bend and bow like the leathermans i have used in the past ,

    appart from these items , the only other bits of kit i carry is 2 x small sections of hack saw blade in my survival kit and on occasion a good axe ,
    not that i want to offend any tree hugging bleeding heart liberals etc but you guys will know ,
    sometimes and axe is needed ,

    remember guys , a dull blade is a thousand times more dangerous to work with that a sharp blade ,

    keep em sharp and keep em clean ;)

  2. aviationlifesupport

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    the mans working tool
  3. aviationlifesupport

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    CSK stripped ,

    main blade , hilt and tang ,

    handle ,

    survival kit (fire starting rig inside kit)
    the kit does actually have a silva compass located in the end but being so small , its only a matter of time before a bad ass bubble appears :)

    but we all have our crosses to bear !
  4. aviationlifesupport

    aviationlifesupport Monkey+++ Founding Member

    last wilkinson

    ok ,

    heres the 2 part plastic sheath ,

    the belt attachment actually has 2 x 50mm / 2" loops for running a belt through ,
    at some point when i get my butt in gear i will hit the singer and make up a suitable drop leg rig to house the wilky ,
    although it is comfortable wearing it on the "hip" i find that everytime you want to use it the task can get reppetable keep unsheathing and re sheathing every time you want to use it ,

    after all ,
    only muppets flick there knives into the nearest tree and into the ground when they have finnished using it ,
    nithing will kill a blade as quick as doing this ,

    the actual sheath itsself houses a locking strap and a circular buffer ring / spacer on either side ,
    reason being if your a lefty you can remove the sheath , turn it around , and replace it ,

    i find this usefull for stashing a baker brass button compass and a brit issue wire saw too ,
    the large and small rings will fit snugly into the spacer circle ,
    good thing about this is the fact the saw can be used as a saw but also a garrot , snare , etc ,
    even used mine before as a wire runner for my combat jacket hood in norway :)

    hope this long drawn out rant helps some body......

  5. Bear

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    Pretty cool looking.... b::
  6. aviationlifesupport

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    wilky knife

    ha ha yeah ,
    pretty cool looking but practical ,

    its funny cos over here in the UK we have a saying ,
    all the best gear is allways ugly ha ha

  7. Valkman

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    aviationlifesupport, welcome to SM!

    I like that knife - on another forum we were talking about the Smatchet and this reminds me of that knife, kinda.
  8. melbo

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    hmm, looks like a real workhorse to me.
    I may have to look into one for the Truck

    thx for the review
  9. aviationlifesupport

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    hey valk ,

    looks pretty beastly and huge ,

    at the end of the day a good knife will have to be up to the job and must be comfortable and trusted by the end user ,

    ive used some right old pigs in my time for field work but the fact allways remains the same ,

    thanks for the warm welcome mate b::

  10. Clyde

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    I sent an email off to see where the american retailer is who sells this knife. If you are interested, you better order it fast. Her is the email I received:

    October, 2005
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your enquiry. For those of you not aware, Wilkinson Sword Ltd made the difficult decision to close the sword-making division in September 2005. Follows is a list of answers to frequently asked questions, designed to assist you now that Wilkinson swords are no longer available.

    Q1. Where do I now go to purchase a military pattern sword?
    A1. We would suggest visiting www.bdec-online.com (British Defence Equipment Catalogue) and searching for ‘sword’ as a product search. This will provide you with a list of companies supplying British and Overseas Officer’s with their sword requirements. We are unable to make recommendations on a particular company.

    Q2. How can I refurbish my sword?
    A2. Visit www.crisp-and-sons.com or email swordcutlers@aol.com to discuss refurbishment of your sword.
    Q3. How can I trace the history of an old Wilkinson sword/gun?
    A3. Visit www.armsresearch.co.uk or email rimol@merlin57.fsnet.co.uk. The Wilkinson Sword archives go back as far as 1805, and include information on guns and swords, but not bayonets, knives or other items, which were unnumbered. For swords the essential information needed is the 4-6 digit serial number located on the back edge of the blade.

    Q4. Are the Fairbain Sykes /Dartmoor and Woodlore knives still available?
    As of October, 2005 there are some Fairbairn Sykes and Dartmoor knives available from the UK Knife Retailer Heinnie Haynes see www.heinnie.com or phone 0870 740 7070.

    For Woodlore knives contact www.raymears.com or 0044 (0)1580 819668.
    Q5. For Miscellaneous Questions
    We are unable to answer questions regarding valuations of swords and any enquiries on commemorative swords . We will not be supplying any knots or accessories.

    If you have an enquiry of an urgent nature call on 0208 749 1061.
    Yours sincerely,
    Vanessa Coburn / Wilkinson Sword Ltd
  11. aviationlifesupport

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    hey mate ,

    seems very odd ?
    wilky make all the ceremonial swords for the army officers and they are still presented with them after leaving the "sosuage factory" at RMA sandhurst ?
    looks like it might be the defence cat is the only way to get them in the private sector i dont know ,

    as for woodlore knives ray mears is the guy who designed it and as far as i am awhere he is the only guy that sells it ,
    a few come up on ebay from time to time ,

    as for the wilky CSK185 they have just marketed there new black parkerised version ?

    seems strange ?

  12. BigUglyOne

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    They also make all of swords for the US Marine Corp.
  13. aviationlifesupport

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    wilky and the sword

    hey mate ,

    i didnt know that ,
    cool ,
    then the boot knecks must have CLASS too :)

    i once had a white wilkinson sword made marmaluke sword , it was in near mint condition and with only slight marks on the hilt ,
    sold it on ebay for next to £650 GBP a few years ago ,

    damn wish i had another 20 like it now :)

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