Will California Ever Learn?

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by RouteClearance, May 14, 2012.

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    Nope, They will NEVER Learn.... MoonBeam Brown has ALWAYS been a "Tax and Spend" Guy, and believes that He can Spend his way out of a 16 Billion Dollar Hole.... Best thing that can happen to Kommiefornia, is to "Break off, and Sink into the Pacific Ocean" and take all those Politico's, including His Magisty Odummy, who is speaking at a Fund Raiser, in Malibu, down with the rest, when it happens..... My 1st Amendment Opinion..... YMMV....
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    Damn, where is Max Zorin when you need him to flood the San Andreas fault and maybe cause KommiFornia to melt into the sea.
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    When they finally run out of other people's money, they will catch on.

    Looks like that day is getting pretty close.
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    Only when that last illegal arrives, who is the last straw that breaks the back of the San Andres Fault, and the entire state falls into the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Fairwell Commyfornia, don't let the door hit you in the butt.
    a PS for all the California Monkeys. 1st off I apologize. 2nd, figure out which way is east or north. Face that direction, and run Forest run!
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    If you run north, leave all ideas of making your new home over more like the old one at home...we have enough locally grown idiots in our northwest corner...
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    How old is this rerun and how old is Jerry Brown????
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    I would'nt mind payer higher taxes if i knew the money would be used wisely and efficiently. Nuff said.
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    No. They are increasing taxes on the very people who create the businesses that provide jobs!

    The people who make $250,000 are the entrepreneurs that work 80+ hours a week and are taking the risks in creating companies. Tax them higher and guess what?

    They will leave.

    And take your job with them.

    This A) reduces the amount of taxes California collects

    and B) raises the unemployment rate.

    We can see this here on the New Hampshire / Vermont border.

    New Hampshire is a relatively low-tax state. NH border towns are prosperous
    Vermont is a high tax state. VT border towns are generally not nearly as prosperous.
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    As long as corporations are in the government business, it's gonna be dog-eat-dog.

    Remove corporate sovereignty and charter them for no more than 10 years again. No taxation without representation. No taxation on property, "income" or wages. Return the republic to the people.
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    After having spent the last 6 years out there, all I can say is Hahahaha! It was a great day when I finally had the trailer loaded and left that nightmare behind. What astounded me was all the people that thought he was actually gonna fix things and voted for him. The problem with Cali is simple, way too many people with extreme views that go in every direction. Some want every illegal to stay so they create sanctuary cities where you can't deport anyone, then others tax everything. No joke, we paid 10.5% tax on everything- food, everything. Our house was on a 6500 sq ft lot and we paid 8k in property taxes. Everything is ridiculous out there, they can keep it. They should break that state up into 4 smaller states like they wanted to years ago.

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