will life beworth living in 2,000ad?

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    Interesting insight.
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    I love stuff like this...... they had a few things right, but were WAAAYY off on most. We have not lived up to their expectations.

    I like - "[FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]And this isn't science fiction. It's science fact"
    [/FONT]Sounds like the debates over ;)
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    Not much has changed - we're still interested in "Beautiful Undies", "hemorrhoids", "dandruff", "Beautiful Busts" amd "Guitar Self Taught". I predict the same will be true 39 years from today.
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    Well, the Vietnam war and the Cold War ensured that those ideas could very well be dampered. Most of what was theorized actually can be scientifically proven, and has already been implemented -albeit in very limited doses.

    The fascist corporate-political cartels have already guranteed that the 24 hour work week is a fallacy, along with the alternate travel possibilities...and especially the moon and space travel. Whoo, were they ever wrong on that end.

    The future 100 years from now will probably look more like the rpg side of Half-Life 2. Weep for your children.
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