Will working on your own car mean breaking copyright laws?

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    Used to own a Toyota. It had an alternator with brushes. Brushes wore out, so the alternator died. It cost $200.00 to buy a new alternator. They had been intentionally designed to make it impossible to simply replace the brushes. And you had to give Toyota the old one back so they could replace the brushes and resell it for $150.00.
    I'll never buy another Toyota.
    Problem is, more and more auto makers are designing repairability out and forced replacement in. In a few years it'll probably be mandatory to repair a bad starter solenoid by buying a complete new engine and transmission unit.
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    Had to replace ignition switch in my 94 cherokee lost little clip that attached actuator arm to switch called every repair shop in town dealership autowreckers etc.no one had a clue what i was talking about talked to a cousin of mine who drives tow truck told me to find an old s-10 same switch but it mounts different,5 mins after dropping column jeep was running again,i hate dealerships and garages do as much on my own as absolutely possible,mainly because im a cheap SOB
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    It's going to get MUCH WORSE !!
    Im on 2014/5 units . Even me (1960 started) am baffled at how they build shit & crap with a known built in obsolescence , plus some euro's want to still have control over your decisions of the car you own OUTRIGHT !!

    Sorry , My toaster is the same as my car , I own it , paid to use it , set it's maintenance etc. Corps have overstepped , You'll all see in 5-8 years .Being from then to tomorrow , hearing the stories , this will come to a head.

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