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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ganado, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Six soldiers pull up on a main street in Halifax, Nova Scotia as part of a parade. They're in a standard issue WWII type Willys Jeep. In four to five minutes they completely disassemble the vehicle, reassemble it and drive off! The idea being to show the genius that went into the making of the jeep and its basic simplicity. They just don't make them like the Willys Jeep any more.

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    Let's not forget that the company that came up with the idea, invented the first jeep, made the first production jeep, etc was put out of business by the USSA gov't so they could award the contract to one of the Big Three contributors to make, sort of like the Tucker that was threatening the auto industry as well.
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    Nice show, but I doubt it would pass a State Inspection.

    TRY this
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    During WWII, it was all about capacity to produce; not who invented it. The need was to win a war and nothing else. George Hyde of GM's Inland Division designed the M3 grease gun. GM's Guidle Lamp Division produced them and Continental Can produced even more of them.
    The 1911-A1 was produced by Remington Rand, Colt, Ithaca Gun Company and Union Switch & Signal. The rarest 1911-A1s were made by Singer.
    It was all about winning a war; not proprietary rights.
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    Not a bad trick.
    They'd never do it to a military Jeep (that's a CJ-5) nor one that hadn't been heavily modified.
    Regardless, they did a bang up job both with prepping the vehicle and their choreography. :)
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    And of course you know that Ford made most of the Jeeps, I had one while I was in high school, every thing was Ford except for a replacement wind shield that was stamped Willys.

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