Winchester® .45 Auto Service Grade Ammunition $19.99

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    Ordered 1 or 2 or 3 boxes for in store delivery and saved on shipping.|/pc/104792580/c/104691780/sc/104372280/Winchesterreg-45-Auto-Service-Grade-Ammunition/1993341.uts?destination=/catalog/browse/handgun-ammunition/_/N-1100189+4294741528/Ne-4294741528/No-48/Ns-CATEGORY_SEQ_104372280?WTz_st=GuidedNav&WTz_stype=GNP&recordsPerPage=48

    Winchester® .45 Auto Service Grade Ammunition
      • Reliable and accurate
      • 230-grain FMJ ball
      • Reaches 865 fps
    Winchester's .45 Auto Service Grade Ammunition is perfect for a variety of applications. Count on the reliability and accuracy of this 230-grain FMJ ball ammo to reach velocities of 865 fps. Per 50.
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  2. Dont

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    Will have to look at this.. Sorely have been laking in trigger time..
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  3. -06

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    Have not fired a 45 in two yrs. Shoulder is well--time to limber up a couple. Never had any trouble with those rounds.
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  4. Legion489

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    Since that is more or less what Win White Box costs here ($39.95 at Wallie) I really don't see the reason for it. WallyWorld has lots of WWB on the shelves (finally!) I can got pick it up instead of ordering it. Now if someone has .22s for $20/brick I would LOVE to buy that!
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  5. Legion489

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    I was at Wally and they had 200 rd Win White Box .45 at $74 ($73.95) which is still $4 less than two 100 rd boxes of WWB .45 costs. Yeah the WWB went down a buck or two. Still no reasonably priced .22s, everything is still .12/rd., since I can reload 9mm for that, I see no reason to buy now. Hope I don't look back at .22@.12/rd as the good old days!
  6. HK_User

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    Brownells "had" it on sale yesterday for 16.95. Be a member and they ship free.
  7. Legion489

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    OK, WHAT for $17? .22s? What brand? I refuse to buy Remington .22s if I can buy ANYTHING else! Even if Remington is the only .22s available, I don't buy them. Too many misfires, too many blown rims, inaccurate, just not worth the bother to me. At $17/brick and free S&H for Remington .22s, I'll pass. Now if that was Winchester, I might drive up to buy them out!
  8. BTPost

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    I was in town, (Juneau, AK) yesterday, and checked at the three FFLs for .22LR Ammunition.... Two were out, and had no clue when more would be available. They both said that if they had it, it would be $15US per Box of 50.... I just about DIED, on the spot..... Then I went to Rayco Sales, the place that just won the Civil Court Case, that was in the News. They had a very few boxes of Aguila .22LR on the shelf. One Box of 50, per customer, per Day, and a Box would set you back $17US plus Sales Tax.... That is $.34US per shot.... I mean just, WOW.... I am VERY Happy to have got my 5000 Rd Case, for $.12US per Round, with shipping included. So, I am selling it for $.14 per Shot in Bricks of 500, to Friends, and $.16 per shot, in boxes of 50, to everyone else.
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  9. kellory

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    $0.12 per round here. Limited. Over the counter.
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  10. Legion489

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    I can buy pretty much as much Federal and Aguila .22LR at .12/.15 (the Federal is Auto-Match or whatever they call it. Good stuff, I used to buy a brick when I thought of it, but not for .15/rd) here at a couple places. I can buy WWB 9mm at $26/100, or basically twice what .22s cost and I get reloadable brass and reload it for .12/rd. WWB .45 in 200 rd boxes are only $74! $4 less than two WWB .45 100 rd boxes.
  11. techsar

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    ...and I thought that 40 rds of Federal .22LR for 4.99 was bad...and 500 rds of WWB in .45auto for $129 was steep.
    But that was a couple months ago. I guess I need to check out the, gun show tomorrow!
  12. VisuTrac

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    I believe the days of 4 cent plinking are gone forever.
    10 cents is awesome deal (if you can find it)
    12 cents is normal and will be cleaned out just about as fast as it hits the shelves.
    15 cents is not unheard of for bricks.
    and yes some places it's 10 bucks for a pack of 50 thunderbolts.

    If you don't have it, and need it, whatcha willing to pay for it?

    (SE Mitten prices your local prices may vary)
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