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  1. WindWarrior

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    I have negotiated a great deal with a manufacturer of wind turbines
    and solar panels. The turbines are CE and ISO certified and are in use
    for private and government projects (including solar/wind powered
    street lights in China). The following descriptions come from the
    manufacturer. Cost of individual units does not include shipping and

    Wind Turbines
    The wind turbine's power is rated at 300W and it's voltage is 12V.
    Start up wind speed is 2.5m/s (5.6 mph). It has nylon fiber blades
    with a diameter of 1.4m (a little over 4 1/2 feet) and weighs 24.2
    lbs. The generator is a three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous
    generator. It has an aluminum alloy body and is maintenance free.
    Cost: $360.

    Solar Panels
    The solar panels are rated at 30W and 12V. They have monocrystalline
    panels with tempered glass and heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame.
    Cost: $55.

    The hybrid wind/solar controller maximizes input to charge battery for
    high charging efficiency. It allows braking of the turbine and
    protects the batteries from overcharge or short circuit.
    Cost: $150.

    3m (9'10") steel mast (I was told it is stainless and suitable for
    marine applications) matched to wind turbine.
    Cost: $200.

    Complete Package
    Wind Turbine x1 ($360)
    Solar Panel x2 ($110)
    Hybrid Wind/Solar Controller x1 ($150)
    Mast x1 ($200)
    Shipping ($100)___
    Total: $920

    I plan to make my order within 1 week, so if you are interested,
    please respond promptly.

    300W 5 Blade Wind Generator. solar panel. Controller. sailboat.
  2. TnAndy

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  3. ghrit

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    Is there a way to mechanically lock the rotor in the event of high winds? What is the max wind speed the machine can utilize?
  4. WindWarrior

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    @TnAndy: I am planning to power my boat with 2 panels and the wind generator. The company makes panels in various power up to 285W. I can price out a more powerful panel, if you like. The cost/watt may be higher due to the lower power of the panel. FWIW, all of the other panels this size that I have seen are significantly more expensive. All of the panels on the link you provided are bigger (smallest was 145W) and appear to be too big for portable use.

    @ghrit: The blades can be electronically stopped with inductive load using the controller. I don't know if there is a mechanical brake in addition (we sailors usually tie down gen blades to the mast when necessary - don't know if that is the norm...). The rated speed is 10m/s (22 mph) and the survival speed is 55m/s (123 mph).
  5. Cruisin Sloth

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    Im a sailor , and "wind guillotines" cause damage on a vessel. Try a sea gen (one you tow) .
    Im solar in 3 different zones (farm / mountain /storm shack) .

    If anyone want's to do / try solar,first thing is know the loads you want to drive , then plan on spending 3 times the amount to learn the curve. Everyone has totally different loads /sun/wind/mobile,stationery/regions & expectations.

    Wind, spend some real time reading here: Solar Electric Power Discussion Forum by Northern Arizona Wind & Sun

    Understand the store :Solar Electric Power Systems For On & Off Grid

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    @Sloth: I know several cruisers who have used wind generators for years without damage or problems. Depending on where and how high you mount the turbine will certainly be a factor. For example, I think the mast is rather low on the sailboat installation photo provided by the company (attached in OP). My mast will be mounted close to the stern with the mast going well above my bimini. The blades will be well away from standing and running rigging and well away from my head :)

    The tow generators cost over $1000 and can only be used when sailing. They do not generate power when at anchor, where we spend most of our time. Plus, they act like a drogue and add considerable drag. Just like wind gens, some people love 'em; some hate 'em.

    Regarding power needs: I agree that it important to know your needs and loads. I have owned my boat for almost 20 years and know my power needs. I want to add the wind/solar system, so I don't have to run my motor or a generator to keep my boat's systems covered when I add a refrigerator (2.5A) next month. I have also added more battery storage capacity. Other than navigation, VHF and ham radios, a couple of LED lights and laptop, I don't draw much power (no electric windlass on my boat). I'll check out the solar forum. BTW, the prices at the store you linked are significantly higher than what I can get.
  7. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    I get what I pay for , and you will also.
    I've been swabbing since the 70's , done the solar , wind I would like to play with only on the hard. Seen SHTF onboard.

    Just my view.
    Good luck & get shatter resistant glass for the panel or don't leak when you get cut(wet and salt it's hard to heal). Good panels can have hail damage & still work for a bit but the glass is not shards all over the deck.

  8. Tikka

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    Where does the power for the inductive load come from?

    One means would be switching to the stored power in capacitors.

  9. ghrit

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    That means there is no mechanical lock, even if electrically actuated, doesn't it? Which also means that I have to climb a tower to secure the machine in high winds.

    Bear in mind that a locked rotor will present less bending moment on the tower than letting it freewheel. And also, an inductive load on the generator end will not lock it, just retard the spin and heat things up, possibly to failure.

    Please count me out of the group buy, as I'd need a lot more tower than 3 meters to get it above my roof.
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