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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by CATO, Nov 28, 2012.

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    This is my dream. I live in a valley floor that gets allot of wind in the winter months when there is no sun to run the solar. The hill behind my house was slatted to get windmills before the greenies with their "it will scare the animals out of the county" act started preforming. I wish this article would have gone into more details on the construction and design. I have a certification in welding and mill work so i know i can build the tower, would be interested in how he keeps it from spinning to fast in high winds and where he got his blades for the turbine.

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    Contact someone at They seem to be very helpful in this area. Maybe they could provide more details or hook you up with that guy. I would also get those books he referenced.

    I have a subscription; let me know if I can look anything up for you.
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    Theres a two part diy on Youtube where a guy builds a pretty decent one out of an 18v cordless drill.
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    I'm looking for something a bit bigger. 1k min
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    I might have found what i am looking for in my own back yard. I was reading through a local classified ad's site yesterday. Someone had posted a wind tower for sale. It's a 40' wind tower with a 200 volt dc generator with 7' prop.It's an older gentleman that owns it. I took the day off tomorrow so i could go look at it. The best part is the price @ $500. He told me that to take it down you just unbolt one of the legs and lay it over. Here is a pic.

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    Good luck with that. Can't see how one leg would allow it to fold, the base appears square. I thought maybe a triangular tower. Any close up pics of the motor assembly?
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    I went and looked at this today. The 200 amp 12v, The prop is similar to an airplane prop. The base is square and pivots on one side. I made a deposit on it and plan to get it in the spring. The man is elderly and couldn't work on it anymore.He set the brake 5 years ago and it has sat since. He is going to give me all the charging stuff along with it. I will plan on putting it up and using it as is till i can upgrade to a 1000w 24v generator with a better prop setup. I think just the base is worth his asking price. I should be able to get the generator at about 45 - 47' should be allot of wind up that high. Just need a huge block of cement to hold it in place.

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    I've been a heating contractor for 30 years. Came across a blower motor that the armature is all magnet. When you spin it produces about 50 to 125 volts ac 3 phase. It's an ecm motor. Another neat thing about them is you can probably get one for nothing (free). The motor comes new with a module that's prone to fail. Manufactures supply a new complete motor if the module fails and the heating contractor more than likely just throws the old one into the scrap pile.
    You'll need a bridge rectifier to convert the ac to dc. I'm working on one I pulled off an old circuit board. Not sure it's big enough.
    I've got a motor mounted on a plate and a chunk of conduit getting ready to install a tail fin.
    Just another project. One I enjoy though.
    ecm Motor
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    Why convert to DC? Why not use these as MicroHydro, or Wind, as is and regulate the RPM into the shaft for 60Hz AC, direct?
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    Probably way easier to rectify variable AC, then feed to a DC buss somewhere with a regulator into batteries than to try to measure and throttle the flow to maintain a specific rpm. PM motors don't have excitation coils that can be used for speed control.
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