windows 10 users beware

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sec_monkey, Mar 6, 2016.

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    via /

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    Microsoft strikes again.
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    AND, the sheep keeps plodding along...
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    FWIW, I just activated a factory installed version of W10 on a brand new laptop and downloaded the ready (so they said) updates. So far, the idiotic default settings have been whackamoled down, and I'm learning how to make the system behave in dinosaur fashion (think W7 or XP). It does some odd things that I am not wildly enthusiastic about, but may be able to beat them into shape as well. I'll have to check if that update is installed, and will do so tomorrow.
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    My computer is an AMD hex core, dual monitors, 32 gig, water cooling etc. Foolishly I attempted to install the W10 upgrade. I cut the sys speed back to a stock clock. It refused to recognize the dual monitors and showed me the worst graphics I've seen since prior to W95SP2.

    I did a sys restore and stayed with Win 7 Pro 64 bit.
  6. Asia-Off-Grid

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    I have two desktops here at the house. I run dual monitors on one, and have on the other. Both since upgrading to 10. I only run 16 gigs of RAM on both the i5 and i7 chips, though. No real issues, aside from this one (the i7) not wanting to boot properly, on occasion. I would suggest Spybot's Anti-Beacon, though.
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    Been a while since I visited that site. Been around a long time, as I recall. Used it in the past. Thanks for posting it.

    I do agree with you, though. I have a licensed copy of W7 Ultimate, here. I have considered setting one of these machines back to that.

    Another thing is, you cannot stop it from automatically updating. Just get a notification once in a while that you need to restart the computer.
  9. Asia-Off-Grid

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    I probably should go into my router to check my settings. But, she seems to be doing her job.

    I use a static IP address here, and have for some time. I figure I should take a bit extra care when it comes to security.
    Screenshot 2016-03-07 09.27.
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    Correct, GRC has been around a very long time. It's a decent site; however, it doesn't offer a cookbook to close the open posts. :)

    I have it stopped now. There is a kb that if deleted; micro$loth leaves me alone.

    As an over clocker, I need stability and not recognizing 2 monitors was a bad start with me. I was willing to give it a try then futz with it until it was stable at higher speeds and not any more.

    I prefer Unix or better said SGI's version Irix. Way faster and a lot more powerful.
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    GRC is a great source of information.

    IP addresses are how the internet works. Website A needs an address to send the requested information. One can open a cmd window and enter ping The DNS will translate the words into an IP address or all numbers.
    For those who are curious in the "search programs and files" field, enter cmd and click it then type: ping
    Google's IP is
    Ping is used to check losses and time. Google has 0% loss and the average time is 41ms for the round trip.
    PS: Although it is an odd thing for folks to do, it is legal so Google's black drones will not do a flyby. If they have your IP, they have your location
    To see what I mean: at enter:

    Every place we visit we leave a footprint. That being said, there are tricks...
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