Windows Users Beware

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sec_monkey, Sep 7, 2015.

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    Understood in context. Not the time to switch, me don't thinking.
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    I understand you're a busy man and your time is valuable. But, you only got a blue screen because you used a Windows operating system. Period.
    You want a recent copy of a stable Linux version (such as from the link I provided) to make the installation as quick and problem-free as possible.

    Nobody is going to make you get Linux, it's FREE. This is only for your benefit, trying to help, not trying to sell you something.
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    GO FOR IT! I'm as computer illiterate as they get. I changed over 5-6 years ago and have not once been tempted to return to the SPAWN OF GATES. Any question I've had concerning Linux has been answered either here or at one of the Linux forums.(I'm the guy who had to ask here how to turn on my speakers after an upgrade). There are many flavors of Linux so bound to be one that suits you. Oh yeah, like Brokor said, IT'S FREE!!
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    Comment on Window10 in Rawles forum this morning about MS downloading Windows10 on your computer "just in case" you decide to upgrade. The link explains part of what to look for. I have a fairly slow internet connection, I will use smoke signals before I install a system on Comcast cable, and sometimes it seems real slow. I opened my windows file and looked at it, looked nice and neat with all those file folders, and decided I would like to know how much space it was using on "my" hard disk. Well 6 keystrokes later and two sub menu down I finally in properties find that there are 20.9 gigabytes in the "windows" read only folder. Now I play a little with Linux, don't really know it, but a system on Raspberry PI uses a 8 gig card for storage and has about 6.5 usable gig after install. Seeing how my Dos 4 came on 3 or 4 floppies, I think there has been some system bloat somewhere. I use Firefox for my browser, but Windows keeps a copy of explorer on my drive and every time it updates, wants to go back to explorer.
    I still have a system on Dos 6 on a milling machine, at work we use NT, and I use Windows 7 or Windows XP at home. Last notebook I bought came with Vista on it, paid to replace it with Window 7. Might be time to get serious about Linux on an internet computer I guess. The hints in this thread have so far kept it from automatically upgrading one piece at a time, but in the long run MS is smarter than I am and I don't really know how to figure out what I need from what they want. Guess it is time to get serious about Linux and buy a Raspberry Pi 2 card and play. Kind of like the idea of a small computer that uses less than 2 a at 5 v and will use most any monitor, key board and mouse and would fit nicely into a small can. Tinfoil hat optional.
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  5. NotSoSneaky

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    Glad I found this thread. Had to scroll through the past updates and found the three "updates" listed in the OP.
    Figured out how to remove them and then set tighter controls for future "updates".

    @sec_monkey nice catch and thanks for the heads up !
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  6. sec_monkey

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    There are some work arounds :) Some monkeys dual boot Linux and 7 on the same computer. Other monkeys have a win 7 computer for major proprietary software and 3 linux computers for non-proprietary software :) There are multiple technologies that allow you to run win under Linux and vice versa, how well it works depends on just how proprietary the software is, what the system requirements are and the type of DRM the software is using if it has DRM aka copy protection.

    Software like SAP aka has Linux versions. Oracle also has Linux versions.

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    I have a dual boot laptop with xp and Ubuntu. XP NEVER connects to the Internet! Any surfing I do is through the Ubuntu and I do not let it install updates.. I try any new version of Ubuntu out on another laptop and if I am satisfied with it then I may install on my other machines.. I am not all that Tech savey, but I do take warnings here to heart and have been "playing" around with usb loaded op systems/browsers.

    By the way, it is a rare occasion that I even boot windows up anymore..
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  8. NotSoSneaky

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    Found the above "updates" listed as "important updates" trying to get back inside today.
    Check your updates before downloading monkeys !
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  9. sec_monkey

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    yep figures :mad::cry::(
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  10. sec_monkey

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  11. NotSoSneaky

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    FIFY. [tongue]
  12. Motomom34

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    I noticed that in my up-dates Windows 10 was in the optional and the box was checked. I never checked that box. It happened on both computers.
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  13. sec_monkey

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    Yep they are playing games trying to force people to install 10 and the nasty updates for 7 and 8
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  14. magicfingers

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    Ok, I got Linux burned to dvd but I can't get it to install on my machine... What's my next step to do??
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  15. Duke

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    Mine automatically updated to 10. I turned off all the crap, no cortana, shared updates etc.
  16. Dont

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    Set boot preferance in bios to CD on start and linux should start right up..
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  17. magicfingers

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    You da man Mr. Don't!!!! I did as you said and it installed... Nows I just gotta get used to it...
    Is there a way that I can switch between windoze and linux with out having to turn off my puter ??
  18. DarkLight

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    Yes and no. It's called a "Virtual Machine" and I've been thinking about putting together a how to thread. It's a LOT more complicated than some people want to deal with unless you just want the bare bones basics.
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  19. oldawg

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    Put a thread up DL. I'm one who didn't have much luck with running a virtual machine. Wound up just doing the partition and installing side by side. Of course after a couple of months(I'm really not computer literate at all) I just wiped Spawn of Gates and have never looked back.
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  20. NVBeav

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    VirtualBox is great to mess around with different Linux distros when I get the time. Recently I've been using Lubuntu just because it's small. Haven't done much looking into small distros for a few years, so there may be something better now.

    Personally, Windows 10 has been the best Windows OS I've used to date and works well on "under-powered" hardware. W8/8.1 was a resource hog, but my old PC (5 years old now) runs like a clock with W10. Can't remember getting a blue screen with 10 yet. I let the system update during the day automatically. Only issue I had was the initial install with old Nvidia drivers.
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