Winter Storm Kayla a coming and you need a water proof, warm Germanic Parka??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HK_User, Feb 1, 2016.

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    German Police GORE-TEX Winter Parka with Liner, Waterproof - 223097, Insulated Jackets & Coats at Sportsman's Guide

    A good price!

    But be careful, this sucker has not only very efficient reflective buttons, reflective sleeve wrist-lets and it has efficient reflective "Polizei" lettering across back.

    Good for about a 1/4 of a mile reflection and sure to scare off deer.

    But I'm working on a solution for those problems, this jacket needs a stealth mode.
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    I am on HK's ignore list, so would appreciate it if someone would forward the reply on to him.

    A few options.....depending on what your main concern is.....camouflage for hunting, or making you look a little less like a soldier in a Waffen SS police battalion when you are shopping at your local supermarket.

    Camouflage for hunting....

    1. Buy, or rig up a light, camouflage oversized parka shell in the appropriate camouflage of the season / location to wear over the Goretex parka.


    2. Buy or Rig up a camouflage poncho for same purpose.


    these options allow you to be invisible when you are hunting squirrels, or escaping and evading ATF zombies, yet offer the convenient flexibility of being highly visible when survival dictates the need, such as changing a tyre at night on a freeway, or being perched in a tree trying to keep above some flood crest.

    3. Another alternative, that might require a little stitchery witchery, would be to replace the buttons / glue patches over the reflective surfaces / glue Velcro onto the parka and affix appropriate material to match the base colour/pattern of the parka...(allowing you to add or subtract) as circumstances require.

    3.a Wristlets might be covered, at least when hunting, by covering with an appropriate width of the hose (hence the origin of the word hosiery ) portion of an appropriately coloured sock. I used to do this for camouflaging my wrist watch in my green machine days. just have to stitch or glue the edges so that the yarn won't inconveniently unravel.


    3.b Buy or rig up a pair of sleeve protectors.

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    If I wanted to read his post then he would not be on ignore.

    You do understand you invaded my privacy settings.
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    Then I will remove my post. And you're welcome.
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    Basics of the Parka.

    The parka is an excellent buy and you could expect to pay in the area of $400 US,if you lived in the north and wanted a high dollar winter parka. This is the first Parka I've had with a zip out lining that zips in with a near full circumference zipper. Warmth is the result with that extra bit of sealing of the two components.

    If you read the reviews you will find that some did not read the build tag, in these the tag does say (Gortex) but in the correct chemical composition of that product.

    Another plus, well all I found was pluses in the build of this Parka, is the outer layer is more like a fine wool blend that is silent in all conditions and of course soft to boot.

    Plenty of pockets, storm flap is a great design and the now usual EU zipper which is opposite of the US style. Snaps for storm flap mean no Velcro to make noise in the woods on a hunt. All exterior pockets have two snaps without Velcro. Inside pockets may vary from two know designs, this in quantity, but all are appropriate in placement with some inside the Gortex parka shell and more n the coat liner, zippered and plenty large.

    The hood is (I think) double Gortex and stow-able in the spacious collar.

    Now for the stealth conversions.

    I started my changes with the obtrusive and obscene back patch. The Police Sign may be a pressure tape, no problem since I just wanted a good work/hunting coat to replace some older stuff that is now on its way to others in greater need than I.

    The jacket is what is called by some Hunter Green or Spruce Green or your choice of green.

    Since this was a project I <project, multi part task that needs continuity and commonly sourced material> I started with the best camo source I have. This is a Camo Paint from a major mfg that is in flat finish. Test showed that it came close in color and finish to the material.

    The back was mask and over two sessions the POLICE was covered as well as a a border of the material. It came out pretty much as a matte finish and covered well.

    The wrist-lets were next and masking was placed to protect the cloth, same result and a nice change to the abusive reflection of light.

    A MASK was made for the buttons, just a piece of cardboard from a USPS shipping box. A hole slightly larger than the buttons was cut and then each button was sprayed once and let dry. Later a second coat was applied in a way to allow some over spray to cover the lowest section of the button's reflector material.

    All looked exactly as I planned and the only offending component to the coat was a Police Command Patch on the left shoulder. All part of the original so instead of removing it and leaving holes I mask it and gave it a light over spray of paint, Now it looks like a common camo patch of the Mil.

    More pictures later.





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    Appreciate your passing onto HK my suggestions. My request was not done with the intention of harassing HK, but offering some genuine practical suggestions, taking into account the extent to which he wished to make physical alterations on his jacket to improve camouflage, without affecting the water resistance of the jacket.

    I had considered painting the buttons, but am not sure how durable that solution might be over time, given frequent use and exposure of the buttons to wear and abrasion. The buttons look to be of the riveted kind, which would make replacement by alternatives a bit of a chore, and it may increase the potential for damage of the jacket in the process. Masking and painting may indeed be the best workable compromise.

    I should have been a little clearer in my request. My intent was just for some one who isn't on HK's ignore list to just copy and paste it to another post in the thread, not to forward it directly to HK. For that, kell, you have my apologies.
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    I did copy and paste it directly as you requested. I know you were trying to help, which is why I passed it on. He choose not to accept that help, so I deleted it. Oh well. As for the buttons, "dip it" would work well and long term, and is available in many colors, including both black and green. It is a plastic dip made for replacing handles on tools. I have used it several times with good results.
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    I get good stuff from fleetfarm
    Military Surplus - Military Gear, Army Surplus - Mills Fleet Farm

    great sale in store this week
    Fleet Farm - Farm, Pet, Auto, Clothing & Footwear At Great Prices

    Military Surplus® Apparel
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    That sounds like a pretty good place Tikka.
    BTW, one of my favorite rifles ever was a Tikka T3 Lightweight in .30-06. It was a bit of a thumper, but a very sweet stick.

    Probably within two weeks. For the full setup; delivery and disposal system dialed, Zyclon B showers, etc... Prolly' a month.
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  10. HK_User

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    These pictures are taken in bright sunlight and still the true color is not seen!

    NTL I am happy with the end result.

    A little clean up around the snaps and it will blend in well.

    If anyone wants I'll post pictures of the inside and the pockets.



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    In reality I made a conscious effort to ignore some post.

    You made the choice to bypass my privacy settings.

    Wake up, come into the real world and understand you do not have the right to control others..

    And still you carry on.
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    I think you are overracting a little bit. As a grown up, you also have the right and ability to ignore the post, no matter how many times it gets posted. Just saying.
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    @HK_User how does the jacket feel with the liner removed? I have had 3 in 1 jackets that the shell seems really big once you take out the liner.
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    And that's were you are wrong.
    I have a right to ignore in what ever manner I chose what I want to read and see. That's part of our rights on this forum and in the US.

    The Parka is fine without the Liner, none of that "I'm in a Balloon feel".

    I would imagine this was a well researched Parka and since the Germans live in a cold clime it stands to reason that this is part of a multi temp setup and I would imagine other layers were planned as a way to stay warm.
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    Exactly. I am glad you knew what I was getting at.
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    One of the reasons is this Parka is a tool and as such it is designed to feel good, however you use it.

    A real nice piece of work.
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    Germany has a damp penetrating cold; it's not nice there in winter.

    I have nothing to do with this site; however, they offer some decent German, Swiss, and European gear:
    Coats, Parkas & Jackets - Military Surplus
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    That sounds like a more durable option than painting it, and might add some insulation value should the buttons be metallic: both from the point of view reducing heat loss, and not having your fingers stuck to them in extreme cold conditions.

    Sorry that you had to put up with snarky behaviour because of me. I shan't try offering genuine, helpful suggestions, at least in that direction in the future. I seem to have that knack of grinding some people's gears with the least amount of effort on my part. C'est la vie!
  19. HK_User

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    The minor cold front came in and allowed me a chance to check out the build quality of the Parka.

    Temps were only a little below freezing so all I had on was a lightweight pair of Deluth insulated pants, T shirt, fleece hat and the Parka. Wind chill was in the mid 20s.

    I had planned on being out for feeding the stock, about an hour depending on what else came up.

    Now usually when I go out in like conditions I have on two fleece layers and a water proof ski type outer shell. It would always feel warm at first but slowly the cold would creep in.

    This time with the German Parka I did not feel warm just comfortable. I worked a bit and expected to slowly feel the chill, but no change, just a feel of comfort, no overheating and no chill!

    The key to most of this is the design features of a well made Parka.
    Starting with the front closure you find a standard medium length double pull zipper. The design is 4 inches below my belt line, unlike the Snow Parka's thigh length double pull zipper.
    What this does is allow for a more working length Parka without the loss off protection. The reason for this is the German Parka has a triple layered zipper cover and a snap closure to seal well. So again a design that seals out the cold and doesn't just add bulky insulation to keep warm or cause overheating.

    BTW, this design does not have Pit Zips, something I find I always need in a working Coat.

    I'll end by saying the Six (6) outer pockets far exceed even the best high dollar Civilian or Mil Parka I have ever had.

    This is a real Parka designed for a Working Environment of a Police Officer who must be ready for all the weather can bring or the Civilian who must be ready for the same conditions in their daily work or play.
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    If only Bush and Obama withdrew their illegal invasions as fast as you do. ;)
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