Wiring a 2 wire LED in the place of 3 wire turn signals

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    How to run 3 factory turn wires to 2 wire wiring on LED Turn signals.

    Here how to go about it:

    Green wire (turn signal) needs a diode put in it.

    Black/Yellow Wire (Parking Lights) needs in this order Diode and 560 ohm resistor going from the side where the electricity comes from to the light. This will make the LED light up at 50% power.

    Black (Ground) connects to the Ground of the Light.

    Connect the Green and Black/Yellow wires together and connect to the Positive side of the LED light.

    Doing this will give you turn signals when you want them. When you have your park lights on it will keep them at about 50% power like the rear lights and turn signals will blink at 100% power. I did this and it works perfectly..

    You can get the diode's and resistors at radio shack 3.00 total cost to wire and Run LED's.

    The diode the Radio shack part # 276-1103 (1N4004 Micro 1-Amp Rectifier Diode) . The resistors part number #: 271-1116 (560 ohm 1/2W 5% Carbon Film Resistor pk/5)
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    make sure it all works properly before soldering everything in place and thoroughly insulating.

    and if you have a small trailer with the flat 4-pin connector, the correct universally accepted colors are:

    white - ground
    brown - tail lights & side markers
    green - right turn
    yellow - left turn

    of course, the best bet is to buy the correct lights in the first place :)

    ETA: here's a good link for those with other trailer lighting plugs...
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    This wasn't a trailer, its in a front winch bumper, needed small ones so when pushing snow it doesn't destroy them.
    found here:
    LED Turn Signal Kit
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    Dang...I see why you went with those rather than the "normal" plow lights (at a couple hundred each) An excellent way to cut costs and still have lights.

    My error on assuming you were referring to trailer lighting...hopefully someone can make use of the color code chart anyway :)

    Each manufacturer wants to use their own color scheme. Wait til you get to later Dodge pickup headlights - hot all the time and the ground is switched.
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