wnd:al-kayda taps spetznatz caches

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    2005 world net daily story(fwiw) claiming soviets spetznatz forces cached weapons including suitcase nukes on us soil and that al-queda operatives have been dealing with soviet special forces. The article also discusses ms-13 gangmembers smuggling weapons into the us for al-queda.

    forwhat itsworth:http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=45203
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    Some of the rumors I do believe, like the connection's to MS13. Wepons smuggled across the border and the liklehood of having a AQ sleeper calls are all things I can believe. But, the claim of several nuke devices I find suspect.
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    Yep, I'll hoist it --[BSf]
  4. Tango3

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    Just presenting info as I stumble across it, new to me..I hope its bs..( "sky is falling": guilty as charged)
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    This stems from info that was uncovered in the late 80's and reported in the 90's. Several Russian defectors told of spetnaz forces caching weapons across Western Europe in preparation for a possible invasion. These stories have been confirmed and were common knowledge to our intelligence services. Then in the mid or late 90's IIRC, a high level KGB defector was purportedly stating that they had also cached stashes in the US even including suitcase nukes.

    This story was a hot topic on the conspiracy radio programs. Bo Gritz did a series of reports on it on his shortwave radio broadcast. I don't recall any corroborating evidence being put forth to confirm it. It may well have been another of the Foriegn troops/bases on US soil type of stories.The 400,000 smurfs hiding in the national forest type of reports.

    But for your consideration, tho these reports were never confirmed to be anything more than rumour, it was discovered and confirmed, that after the fall of the Soviet Union there were as many as 20 suitcase nukes unaccounted for. It has been assumed that they were dismantled and just escaped official reports, but it is entirely possible that the reports by these defectors may have some merit and that there are some buried either here in the US or somewhere around Europe. That is not something that I believe the Soviets would ever admit to.

    As to the Al-queda connection that I believe is highly unlikely. This sounds like a resurgence of the old 90's stories with a new bad guy.

    If a suitcase nuke were to be detonated in a US city I would be looking for a much more sinister, and closer to home plot than simply a foriegn "scarorist" attack.
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