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    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    A Scottish couple were planning their honeymoon in 1925. They decided to go on a tour of Canada to visit their relatives and see the sights. During the tour they visited an Indian reservation.
    In the middle of the reservation there was a teepee with a sign advertising a memory man. The sign read “The amazing memory man knows everything and forgets nothing”. The Scotsman decides to try this out and steps inside.
    He greets the young brave “How”.
    The brave points to a jar full of $20 bills and says “If you ask me a question I can’t answer you get the jar. If I answer it you put $20 in the jar”.
    The Scotsman figures he can beat him and asks “Who won the Scottish FA cup in 1878?”
    The indian thinks for a minute and says “Vale of Leven beat Third Lanark 1-0***8243;
    The Scotsman is truly amazed at this correct answer and pops his 20 bucks in the jar. The couple return to Scotland and live a full and happy life for 50 years.
    For their golden wedding celebrations they decide to retrace their tour of Canada. After visiting their relatives they once again end up at the reservation. They are amazed to see that the teepee of the memory man is still there.
    “Wonder if he will remember me?” says the Scotsman.
    So he goes into the teepee and says “How”.
    The indian replies “Penalty in the 52nd minute.
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