Wolf kills Iraqi boy in palm grove

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    Hey BT You missed a few others.

    Wolves kill kid in Gulbarga village

    GULBARGA – India: A pack of wolves snatched away an 18-month-old sleeping baby and ate it, leaving only the skull in Belur village near Gulbarga on Thursday.
    Baby Rukmanna was sleeping under a tree in a field near Belur village. Rukmanna’s mother Siddamma had come to work in the field. She fed him and left him sleeping under the tree. At 4pm, she went to take the child but to her shock, he was missing.
    When she informed villagers , they joined her in searching for the child but they couldn’t find him.
    On Friday morning, a villager out to attend nature’s call found some wolves in the vicinity . When he returned with other villagers, they found the baby’s skull.
    A villager Malakanna Einolli said, “We’ve been facing severe attacks by wolves and boars. Last year, a 5-year-old boy was bitten by wolves. The boy was admitted to hospital and survived.”
    Forest department officials haven’t visited the village, said Malakanna. Gulbarga Rural police visited the village and registered a case.
    Source: http://articles.timesofindia.
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    Officers shoot, kill wolf that was stalking man, child and dog in Kananaskis Country, Canada

    CANADA – Kananaskis Country conservation officers shot and killed a young wolf after it stalked a man, his child and puppy at the Mount Kidd campground Tuesday.

    It’s the first time in the history of Kananaskis Country that parks officials have had to kill a wolf.
    According to Kananaskis senior parks ecologist Melanie Percy, the wolf was highly habituated and food conditioned, and was likely fed along the roadside.
    “It was an extremely unfortunate situation. The careless acts of a few individuals left us with a situation that was unmanageable and ultimately cost this wolf his life,” Percy said.
    On Tuesday morning, the man, boy and puppy were walking through the Mount Kidd campground when they noticed the wolf following them.
    After they sought refuge in a nearby washroom, the wolf waited outside the building for them before losing interest and moving on.
    Shortly after, conservation officers showed up and shot the young wolf, estimated to be two or three years old. A necropsy was conducted on Wednesday.
    “We’re 100 per cent sure it was the right wolf,” Percy said.
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