Wolf-like creature shot in Montana

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    First I am thinking this is a cross between a wolf and a large breed of dog but, it shows when you step off the side of the road your not in Kansas anymore --unless your in Kansas and that is not going to save you butt if your not armed,

    'Wolf-like' creature puzzles US experts


    I have been very aware at least 3 times that I was being stalked by something and it was eerie. Animals have a different nervous system and muscle / energy relation, they can go from dead still or asleep to high speed in an instant. A humans reflexes are not as fast and if fear kicks in then your unable to process al the incoming data and be able to get off a shot even with your firearm at the ready. A bear can make 60 yards so fast that they can overtake a horse as well as an alligator two different species different leg lengths and metabolism and people are so arrogant to think they can wander in green spaces because it is close to civilization. The black bear population has exploded in some states to where people in suburbs are afraid to go out after dark.

    Some years ago a n acquaintance killed an animal about half this size similar but more like a coyote longer snout but weird. I do not care what people say there are black panthers I have seen 2 in my life. Once when I was driving I saw a dead puma against a concrete barrier on the highway killed by a vehicle it was large at minimum a 100 pounds and that is larger than the normal size in my area. Thinking that what you have seen is all there is or the largest they get is pure stupidity. thinking your safe because your in town is dumber still because there are 2 legged predators, there is not a night that goes by that vehicle robberies of opportunity happen that means that someone was prowling in someones driveway.

    you must train like your life is on the line, because it is people go missing or are found dead all the time what ticks me off is that they must not have fought hard because there is so little evidence other than the injury by the predator human or other.thousands of people go missing every year and those are real missing people not those that just want to get out of a situation. Professional investigators can find no reason for these types of events to happen. if your not aware or teach your children to be just a bit paranoid and teach or allow them to be taught to defend themselves your doing them a disservice and yourself that nagging question, "what more could I have done",

    Safety in numbers is not always safe if, one of your group is addle minded or preoccupied with B.S. or motor mouthed point or drag is where people get mauled killed or just disappear never be a laggert or not keep pace with the group and in sight. there are thing that do not take lightly to their space being evaded or just plain hostile keep your head on a swivel.,
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    Poor puppy.
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    I hate when professionals do photography , this is easy to see that if this animal were posed length wise he is as long as the tailgate 4 foot and a lot taller I figure 2.5 to 3 foot tall they talk about how small his paws are but fail to be impressed by that mouth full of teeth like saying a shark has a tiny top fin and his mouth has more points than a chainsaw.
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    Died doing his thing. I hope it was quick.
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    "wolf-like creature"?

    We have some Monkey's here who could tell you a thing or two about wolf species up in those parts and the problem they impose. Listen, if it's clearly not a dragon or walking on two farking legs, it's not a "creature", it's just a WOLF.
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    Creature only means it's of unknown species/s like the short snout bear they thought may have come back because of a hunter that killed a bear that did not appear to be a normal species. I would be interested in knowing if a previously extinct species were to reemerge or if there can be a genetic throwback. My interest is if they crossbreed with a known species will the new species take on different traits in hunting be larger and more aggressive or not, purely academic.

    AS you say as far as the rancher it is a predator probably a wolf and had to be culled as it was stalking his creatures LOL cattle...

    If the professionals are interested there may be something to it.
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    From the article:
    [LMAO] Perfect example of why not to believe everything you read on the internet. Definitely not a young grizzly

    The creature shot is quite stocky, mountain lions are stocky like that. Looks like a wolf, a well fed one. It will be interesting to see what the DNA says.
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    That is bogus picture. The real picture of it is this one.

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    When the conservationists re-integrated gray wolf species into the Pacific Northwest, they actually used a genetic hybrid which really isn't quite native. Probably a northern Canadian cousin. Consequently, with the hunting of wolves banned in some states, the wolf population has spread quite rapidly. It's a real pity there are so many animal lovers out there with no common sense, because only mankind is a predator to wolves, and without active hunting in place, the wolf packs will only grow and continue to decimate other four legged species we traditionally hunt for sport and survival. As memory serves, the wolf species created was something kind of out of science fiction, being Dire Wolf in appearance (but this is only speculation) and our own @Quigley_Sharps can elaborate having actually seen many wolves up in that region.

    I have linked this thread to other wolf related threads by means of tagging.
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    Looks like a mix. The paws are small.
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    I think it's Melbo? But I could be wrong....
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    Have a wolf pack in my area now and have not seen an elk on the property in 1.5 years. Before that elk were around and used to see them multiple time per year. Tree huggers have no clue what bringing them back has done.
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    THey did the same thing with elk in NM and AZ, they introduced a species of elk that was 2x the size of the original elk and now they are destroying the eco system.
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    They did the same exact thing in Washington D.C. they introduced a younger breed of politician with twice the appetite really ruining the system there :oops:
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