"Wolf" What would you do ?

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    Excellent ending to a very scary story!

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    I'm afraid that the stories that you've been documenting from the west are becoming way to likely here in the great lakes. Michigan has held a small wolf population in the upper peninsula for years, but we are now seeing them here in the lower peninsula. Further, what was typically a single sighting in the UP, has been witnessed as a pack on our property in the LP.

    We've been without serious predators for a long time. We haven't had mountain cats, wolves, or any aggressive bears. This is changing quickly. Its not a matter of urbanization. There is nothing around us. There is nothing north of us, and that is where they are coming from.

    Even the coyote population is blowing up. We have four large dens, within a 45-50 acre range. The deer are scarce, the turkeys are gone, and you can barely go a night without the silence being broken by hunting packs.

    In my neck of the woods, its not man invading their territory. Its a rapidly changing predatory ecosystem. I can't explain it.

    I'll be outfitted a little bit differently for deer season, this year. Gone are the days of my trusty old 3006, with one in the chamber, and two in the mag ...

    Thank you all (especially Quigley) for sharing your experiences, facts, and opinions.
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    Up here in my Neighborhood (100 Sq Miles of alaska) we have two packs of wolves that are resident. The first pack is the Glacier Bay National Park PACK, (25 animals) that mostly lives, and stays, inside the Park boundaries, and feed on the Park Moose herd. They stay on their side of the Inlet, but we see them running the beach. The second Pack is the Chilkat Peninsula PACK, (15+ animals) that run on a 28 day schedule, that you can set your watch by. They come thru our neighborhood, and eat everything they can catch, in two days, and then move on, on their cycle, to return 28 days later. When they are local we hear them singing at night, but they never come within 100 Yds of the cabin, as we used to have a pair of large sibling Labs, that would get into fights with the Pack scouts, a decade ago. We see their tracks in the snow as they move down our side of the Inlet, and when they cross North Creek they detour up stream, and make a 500 yard semicircle away from the cabin, and the cross South Creek, and continue on down the Inlet. I have been watching, and living, with these for 20+ years, and they are, if nothing else, consistent. Most of my close (close = 10 Sq. Miles) neighbors will be packing during the winters, but that is just the culture of the area, and not just for animal protection. In the summer we don't usually pack, because it scares the "Touristoes" visiting from the FlatLands....
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    We don't have a major wolf population here in AZ. For some time now they have been reintroducing wolves back into the state (Mexican Grays') but with the exception of an occasional livestock issue, they don't generally present much of a problem. There just isn't that big a population yet. Wolves were practically totally wiped out in the state decades ago when many of the ranchers put some stiff bounties on them. We have more of a problem with coyote's. A lot of people think of coyote's in the same framework as they do a dog. They may be canines but they are as far removed from the family dog as the wolf is. In AZ coyotes are simply dangerous pests. Although there is a regular Predator Season here in AZ, most of us will quickly nail any coyote that is causing us problems. Were we live, we pack all the time. We don't go anywhere naked.
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    A nice .45" expanse of metal in the head propelled by 230 grains of ignitable powder should fix any wolf problems.
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    I won't jump on this too hard. Black powder is the weakest of all rifle powders. Fact! Smokeless powder in it's weakest form new and non degraded is more powerful. Fact! I know of no .45 caliber firearm cartridge that has the capacity to hold 230 grains of propellant powder. Nor any black powder .45 cal weapon that could easily withstand or utilize 230 grains of powder except as a test proof firing. ..... Could you be just a little confused? The common 230 grain .45 ACP pistol round ..... Refers to the weight of the bullet, not the powder.
    No insult or ridicule is meant by pointing this out. (y)
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    Just a NOTE Here: It is impossible to OVERLOAD a "Modern" Black Powder firearm, with a normal lead Slug or Ball, and Black Powder as the propellant. If you try, all that happens is that the unburnt BP will be pushed out the end of the barrel, and make a very nice fireball, out front..... ...... Oh and a another NOTE on a similar situation... The same can NOT be said, of Smokeless Powders, either single, or double based.... so do NOT get the TWO confused.... Others may have different Opinions....
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    I would beg to differ. Although most serious accidents with muzzle loaders are the result of a bullet not being seated properly, allowing a non controlled expansion of the propellant followed by a barrel obstruction (the non seated bullet), thus making the barrel often to bulge or split or fragment. Then there are other possible major errors. With 90 to 95 percent of the black powder firearms being shot today you would maybe be correct. I am not so sure about an original with a damascus steel barrel (many shotguns), or a barrel that was hammer forged welded around a mandrel. Some civil war era weapons had barrels made that way. Also note how many cannons were destoyed by black powder explosions in the early days. I would guess in the heat of battle double and even triple loading was the cause. Then there is black powder itself. Four grades. 4f and maybe 3f if used in a weapon designed to use 2f black powder with a roundball and patch, and the shooter decides to use a maxi or miniball and a stiff charge .... well you should probably see where I am going with this..... could cause an explosion. Oh, my point on the grades of black posder has to do with surface area and rate of burn 1F burns slowest, 4F the fastest. I FIRMLY BELIEVE A BLACK POWDER FIREARM CAN BE SERIOUSLY DAMAGED IN SUCH A WAY WITH THE REAL POSSIBILITY OF INJURY TO THE SHOOTER WITH A SINGLE BULLET WHICH FITS THE BARREL AND A 230 GRAIN CHARGE OF 3 OR 4F BLACK POWDER. I don't want to destroy one of mine to prove it, but if you have some for me to test, I am willing to see.
    by the way, do you know of anything using 230 grains of any gunpowder and a .45 caliber bullet? Oh, 22 years Gunnersmate Guns Chief, USN Retired. I am well aware of the hazards of various powders and explosives. PM me if you want to continue this discussion. We are way off topic. I will not respond further here. My mistake.
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    No,not mistake.I just now realized that i had a major piece of WTF lodged in my brain.Thank you for correcting my un-logicness.
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