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    The question which should be asked is, why do we never seem to see the clear pattern of the abuse of power in government? The fact remains, Mexico did demand to have a list of registered gun owners. Another fact remains, the United States has been under a steady siege from Mexico with tens of millions of illegals who have slowly filtered across our borders. To the enlightened, this amounts to a declaration of war --to the ignorant, it's just another political issue on racism. The only part that remains is, when will be the tipping point? Will it be before or after our people are defenseless and faced with too many criminal gangs? Make no mistake, there are a lot of good Mexican-Americans, but every day illegal immigrant gangs kidnap, murder and rape. Now, think about the timeline. Thus far, amnesty has been granted time and again, but it doesn't stop the crime or the drain on our economy. When will be the point of critical mass?

    If we had no superior fighting forces, and an enemy on our border with a political system which has bent and given in at each and every instance...what course of action would you take? Well, Mexico has sent its criminals, its hungry and poor to answer their call. Every day, approximately 3,000 or more illegals enter our country from Mexico. And what are we doing now? Questioning Wayne LaPierre.


    And if you follow the link I provided above, you will see how the Liberal media continues to claim how "dangerous" it is for the starving Mexicans due to soldiers killing them along the border. More fuel for the humanitarians. We'll see how they like a prison planet instead.

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    Several years ago, the small print on the back of the 4473 form was changed, and "this information may be made available to foreign governments" was added. Wayne may not be so far off base after all.
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    The only issue with that IS: The 4473 NEVER leaves the FFLs location, until the Business CLOSES for GOOD, NEVER to reOpen, again. ATF CAN COPY them but they can't remove them from the file. Then just how can any of the information be transferred to a Foreign Government? Once the business CLOSES, The Bound Book, and the 4473s go to the National Archives for archiving.
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    I don't claim to know the whys and wherefores, but there must be a reason the gov added it to the form.
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    This I did not know. [OO]

    I will have to confirm this at my LGS later today, personally I find this alarming. [eek3]
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    Brokor, Mexico knows it can not win a face to face war with the USA. So with the complacency of our Government, they are doing a slow take over by the numbers. More an more invaders gives them more & more Voting Power. Until the day they can Vote to join with Mexico. A slow generations type take over.
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