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    The night of my 60th birthday I was lying in bed reminiscing. I told my wife "you know when I was 20 I lived in a cheap apartment, drove a crappy car and watched a little 10" black and white TV but I slept with a pretty 18 year old girl every night. Now I'm 60, I live in a $500,000 house, drive a Mercedes, watch a 60" big screen TV but I sleep with a 58 year old woman. That just doesn't seem right."

    My wife being the giving person she is told me to go ahead and find a pretty 18 year old girl to sleep with every night. It was fine with her.

    And she would see to it that once again I lived in a cheap apartment, drove a crappy car and watched a 10" black and white TV.
  2. larryinalabama

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    Im going to stay a single monkey. Naturally being in survival mode is not attractive to most women anyway.
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    you got that right larry...lol
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    Maybe that is true for "Most" women, but my wife is the Exception to that Rule. When we were Young, we wanted to live in a Dome Home, in the middle of the woods. Now that we are OLD, we live in a cabin, in the middle of the Alaskan Bush. We have been together 40+ years, so far, and expect to live out our days doing the same, as we have in the past. We, both came from Prep'er Families, back more than three Generations, on both sides. The house I grew up in had a Concrete Pantry under the Front Porch, that Mom stored her Home Canned Goods, and Years Supply in. When the "Old Man" had the house built in 1950, Mom insisted that the "Pantry" be included in the design. They weren't rich, but they did things Right, and the Contractor couldn't understand what that room was for, but he poured the concrete, anyway. Years later, he told the "Old Man" "Wish I had done the same in my House, when I built it." My wife's folks were a bit younger than mine, but came from a Farming Community, where everyone Prep'ed, because it was the way folks lived. We have raised our children with these same values, that were reenforced by both sets of GrandParents. Now that we are the GrandParents, it is our turn to pass on to the next generation, these same values. ..... YMMV.....
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    Too true, that last. Bear in mind that two is one, and one is having all your eggs in one basket, to blend some truths. That said, being one is a generalist's way to live. (Me, too.) [monkeyeating]
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    my family always stocked ahead, had to with 9 kids
    over half of them big boys with horse sized appetites
    wifes family ran to the store for their meals, every meal
    dealing with her has been a constant fight for almost 26 years
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    Wanna adopt me Grandpa? :)
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