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    Quite a few years ago, I picked up a couple of Kifaru woobies. One for me and one for wifee. I am guessing it was from before kids. And prior to that, I have always kept some of the military woobies on hand, including in the truck. Great pieces of gear. And the little monkey had confiscated the wifee's one many years ago.


    The Kifaru woobie...

    The bad:

    Expensive (main negative)
    Not the most quiet
    The tie downs can be scratchy

    The good:

    Soft and comfortable
    Has tie down points
    Blocks the wind well
    Built in stuff sack
    Can compress
    Water resistant (I have not tested this)
    Dog likes it too

    It has been windy and chilly. As soon as I busted out the woobie, Nori wanted to snuggle in it. So she was bundled up with me for about 45 minutes until she heard wifee rustling around in the kitchen. That was her cue to bolt.
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    Can't beat a good woobie in the field or anywhere else
    I'd kill to save my woobie and that ain't NO Sh*t neither
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  3. Hanzo

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    Used my military one today. It was cold and windy at monkey’s soccer game.

    Even though I had a hat and a jacket on, when I was sitting in my chair, the cold wind was blowing up my butt and still making me cold.

    So the chair went back in the truck and the woobie came out. Sat on the woobie on the grass and could feel warmth from the woobie versus cold from the wind.
  4. Hanzo

    Hanzo Monkey+++

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