Wood Gasifier test run.....

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by BTPost, Jun 26, 2011.

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    Saw this post over on SmokStak.com, and thought it would be appropriate for some folks over here.....

  2. Nadja

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    Please be sure to keep us informed if you get any good or tangible results. I might be interested in one, if it ever gives you a usable product. Might work out great in the long term. P.S. If you don't mind me asking, just how much incl. shipping to you was the total ?
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    This was NOT "Me" but a post that I saw over on the other site that I quoted from, where I am a "Chief.Moderator"...... You are welcome to login over there and ask any questions you have about ANY Genset you could ever imagine owning.
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    Mornin' Bruce. Did you watch "Doomsday Preppers" last night ? One of the families, the third one had built a thingamiggie like this and it was working to move his pickemup around the property. It appeared to me like it was also set up to run one of his gennie's. I found that very interesting indeed. Lets learn a little more about it.
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    No, I am on the Road for a month, and between stops. I am interested in the technology. I will try an watch a replay, sometime in the future.
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    Who wants info on these... Ok I'll just post it and whoever can take it.

    Here are two places to buy these machines:

    I emailed Wattpower's Kevin at kchisholm@wattpower.com and received the following info

    The cost of the System is about $US1,400, delivered to the Container Opening Terminal nearest you.

    Perhaps you could tell me a bit more about your intended use for the gasifier, and the fuel you propose to use, and I could comment on whether I thought you would be happy with the unit. More specifically, the points about it that might not be good for you are:
    1: You need a fuel that is reasonably uniform, less than 20% moisture, and of a nature that it will flow through gasifier without "hanging up."
    2: While it produces an excellent "Heating Grade Gas", there is too much tar in it for it to be used reliably as "Engine Grade Gas", without a better gas cleaning system. I don't know specifically that the gas can, or cannot, be cleaned.

    Here are some more pics and a cad drawling. I think this would not be hard to build...
    CGF. Bare bones gas cleaner.preview. Chinese_Stove_Gasifier.preview.
  7. hank2222

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    i think i stay with a American product from a company called Victory gasifier company ..There products seam to be made a little bit better than the other guys out there ..
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  8. jasonl6

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    I totally agree. however if you can't afford a $5000+ system these pics and drawling are a great start for a DIY person. When a company doesn't post prices on there site then they are normally exorbitant prices. I like the victory gasifies and if you watch the early videos from him he talks about and open share community. If you try to access the old links pages he references you only get there homepage and complete units. That's fine if you want to spend more money to same some money. Most people that are looking into this are doing so to save money not just "be green".

  9. hank2222

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    To me it how the China one's are bult compared to the American's one and that maybe worth it in the end to keep one from blowing up on you from bad workermanship ..

    Also i'm one for better to pay once and cry than have to pay alot a few more times to get it right..

    Plus i'm on his website alot where he has is forum and this was bought up about product and it diff way of thinking ..Maybe the China stuff is good but i really would like to know more about the steel that they used to make it along with a few other things before i trust it ..
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