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    Aloha Monkeys...
    Hope you all are having a great weekend!
    Here's a rare thing indeed...
    Not sure if they even make these anymore
    I did a search and their website doesn't come up and all I can find is old threads and hits on google (of course that doesn't mean a thing because I'm an old fart and my computer skills consist of a club, a spear and my fist ;)

    A new never used Woodland Edge Firebox.... sat in a airtight container since it first arrived... of course after I put it together a few times...
    This thing is built like a tank! way thicker than my Emberlit... Thick stainless with lots of accessories... this is no light thin stainless or titanium wimpy firebox... it will last for years and years... use the griddle flat top, grill, or use it to heat a tent with the chimney to vent out... features not found on any off the fireboxes out there today...

    This puppy cost me over $150 to get it to here in Hawaii... and over $50 of that was shipping from the UK...

    So I'll eat the darn shipping from the UK just for my buddies in the trees and on the trail and call this $GONE shipped insured with tracking to the USA (frankly wouldn't mind keeping this puppy now that I played with it again... and yes I'll wipe all my fingerprints off the stainless... so don't feel bad for this little gem does not go... it is not for the ultra light packer )

    Take Care and God Bless,


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  2. Bear

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    Aloha Monkeys... wow this didn't last long... some Monkey is going to have a warm hideaway and enjoying roasted bananas! ;)
    Thanks for looking
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