WOOPSEE! TSA scanners don't work.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matteo10572, Mar 7, 2012.

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    Not likely. They are Gestapo Chief Incompetano's pride & joy.......

    She likes her shiney expensive toys...... ;)
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    Illusions are strictly for the rubes

    Illusions are strictly for the rubes...fellow illusionist practitioners can usually recognise smoke and mirrors tricks when they see them. Infiltrating airport and airline workers is probably going to be a more effective way to avoid security measures than sending random bombers through airport security queues.

    Giving passengers the illusion of security, and the illusion that they are contributing to their own security by being scanned just makes everyone feel better about it all...as for the bad guys...they'll keep finding imaginative ways of defeating counter measures...they after all have read Mad Magazine's "Spy Vs Spy". Sometimes the white spy gets ahead...sometimes the black spy...getting ahead is the name of the game!
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    In the early 90's when I worked in our local airport as a security dude, I discovered how to very simply waltz through the metal detector with our 'test device', a .38 Snubby encased in plastic. I promptly showed our supervisor and cop how it was done. They did nothing about it, so I trained my co-workers to at least know how to spot someone doing it.

    The brass doesn't like their 'applecart' being upset. ;)
  5. chelloveck

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    Seawolf...in any system of security, generally, the human element is often the weakest link. Recognising that is half the battle...doing something effective about it is the other half of the battle....people generally don't want to know about something that they feel may threaten their own sense of security, even if it means that it may be a far worse risk for other people's security....that is why there are people willing to swear that not only is the emperor wearing the most beautiful clothes....but clothes of the finest quality that they have ever seen.
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    Giving up your rights for a false sense of security, that has cost millions in new equipment and paychecks.
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    "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin February 17, 1775 as part of his notes for a proposition at the Pennsylvania Assembly.
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    My latest TSA story-

    Last week we flew to Orlando for a wedding and short vacation at Disney. I used to fly a great deal for work, but this time around my wife (4 months pregnant), 1 yr old son, and in laws were all with me. So we pack everything up the night before, jam the car with bags and crap we might need, and drive 4 hours to the inlaws' house so we can get up at 5am the next day for the flight. At O'hare we wait in line, then finally get up to the scanners. I load all our carry-on bags on the belt with the stroller and car seat and my wife takes the little guy through the older style scanner, I of course get directed to the new scanner to which I decline. After a thorough massage by the gentleman from TSA I collect our bags, load the little guy in the stroller, and head to our gate.

    At the gate we get the stroller ready to be checked and I find a full can of coke and 2 water bottles in the mesh bag under the stroller! I move those into my backpack, collapse the stroller, and gate-check it. After we get to the hotel in Orlando I dump out my backpack on the bed looking for my phone charger only to realize I never removed my laptop nor my wife's Ipad and ALL of our toiletries. I look at my wife and she says "you didn't move those into the big bags we checked?" She put them in my bag during the rush to leave the house, but I had no idea. 2 large shampoo bottles, full size shave cream, mouth wash, and cuticle scissors. No wonder my bag felt like it weighed a ton, I figured I was just tired.

    To top it all off I still had a pair of channel-locks and a 5-in-1 screw driver in the front pouch from a job I went on for work the previous day. So my hats off to the fine folks keeping us safe at O'hare airport. I thought about reporting their performance but would probably get thrown in jail.

    For the trip home, I made sure all of this was in the checked bags.

    Just a tip to anyone that flies: My first time getting directed to the scanner I declined and got patted down. When they get close to your crotch, my advice is don't turn your head and cough. I did, thinking it was funny. The very serious gentleman on his knees patting me down didn't, informing me it is a very serious situation when anyone declines the scanner.
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    A reply I could probably get away with, being an Australian tourist would be:

    "and so is a hernia...Health care is so expensive in the USA for the uninsured...I'm happy to get any free medical care that I can".... : O
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    Just a NOTE, here: TSA has responded to the video in Post #1 on their Blog Site.... it is a very interesting and STUPID response, written by "some guy" named Bob, who is the Official TSA Blog Person, from all reports. I would suggest foks go and read the response, and then READ the Hundreds of Post in response to the TSA's Bog response. It is quite Eye Opening... and they pay "Bob" I suspect at least High 5 Figures, to write this stuff.... You be the Judge

    The TSA Blog: Viral Video About Body Scanners
  11. chelloveck

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    There is just one small point that the TSA, and the author of the TSA Blog article needs to desperately understand....terrorists aren't interested in "sophisticated"...they ARE interested in "effective", and if "crude" but effective works...then crude is all that they require. Flying aeroplanes into buildings was very crude...but it was also certainly very effective....using box cutters was very crude indeed...but it was effective enough....have I made my point mr/ms TSA person????
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    I read that earlier, BT; what a joke. "Bob" didn't bother to rebut when the guy that made the video challenged them to show the security video of him going through the scanners.
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    Is it too much to hope for that "Bob" loses his job along with all the other TSA slugs and money takers?

    Yeah, I fear it is. After all, it's too big to allow to fail. (Not to mention no market for used machines that don't do what they are supposed to do.)
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