Words not Spoken

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    Words not Spoken

    Food, guns, ammo, water, first aid kits, web gear, tents, clothing and the list goes on. What will I need, how long do I have to get it? How will I move it all if I have to? Will I be able to survive by my self? What is going to happen? Is any thing going to happen? Am I crazy like every one says I am or am I the only sane one?

    He needs to get his truck fixed. He keeps saying that he needs to save up the money and buy the parts a little at a time. If he just fix it he would have the money from what he saves on gas. I need to teach him how to budget his money better, he keeps spending his money on crap instead of buying an X-box and cable so we can game together on line. Now what am I going to do about supper for Gloria and the kids? Pay day is not until Friday I should have asked Tom for a loan.

    Wow I dodged that bullet, I thought Andy was going to ask me for a loan, I have told him for two years to get some food in the house. I hate Mondays I get paid on Friday and it is gone on Monday. Now what else do I need to get for the truck? Looks like plug wires are the only thing left to buy. So plug wires, tank of gas, weeks worth of food, box or two of ammo, some pocket money, put a little in my hunting fund, Friday I have insurance due on the car and truck. But I need the plug wires first and I only need about $100.00 until I have enough to pay the insurance for the next six months. First to get the plug wires. The best price was out north , the parts store up the street had the same brand but were a few dollars more. They said they could price match but the way I see it if that can do that then they can sell them at the lower price every day.

    What a bum, that truck he got out of looks like an old piece of junk. He talks to every one in the store, it is like he knows everyone in town. Just look at the way he is dressed, it look like he woke up on the wrong side of the box this morning. He came in four time just to price parts and the only thing he buys is a set of plug wires. He looks worthless, I bet he sleeps in that old truck.

    These kids now days. I would not call that one worthless, at lest he has a job but I would still only rate him at a +five. Wile I am here I think I will do a little pricing at the Dollar store. I hope the parts store does not mind me leaving my truck parked on there end of the lot. At least rice is still $4.75 for a ten pound bag but every thing else has gone up. How can they call it a dollar store when everything cost more then a dollar? Nothing here that I need that I can’t get cheaper somewhere else. Now to drop off my time card at work so I can get paid on Friday. I wonder what gas is to day it seems to go up a little on Friday then down over the rest of the week. Last Friday night they had jerky sticks two for $2.00 if they still are I will have to get some more. Yep down another penny if it keeps going down I will be able to fill my tank for the first time in a long time. Once I get the truck fix so I can get some mileage I will be able to start putting some gas back.

    Why is it all of the homeless guys hang out here? That truck looks like it is not even safe to be on the roads. And what is with that getup he is dress like an old rag doll. Don’t speak to me I do not have any spare change to give you. They are always looking for a hand out why don’t they get a job. I hope there is not a line inside I need to get to the WIC office and get my voucher.

    Over weight, sourer look on her face, three car sets and I doubt if she has any postSHTF skills I will give her a +two.

    What is with that idiot his cammo does not even match and what is with all of the layers of clothing? Dam it is cold out here.

    A + 4 should be a +5 or more once he gets knocked down a peg.

    KKK want a be.

    I am going to end up having to kill that f--- tard some day. I think I will get me a fountain pop I can refill it with some of that Fago I got the other day. $1.00 for three liters not a bad buy. Good they still have the jerky on sale two for $2.00, gas and pop will leave me with enough money to get me some pants at the rescue mission and still have some mad money for the rest of the week. It is still raining when I get home I think I will spend some time working on my tractor befor I have to go to work. I still have some rust in the tank to get out. I hate Mondays some times I think that I am the only one that knows how to clean a bathroom. I always end up doing work that should have been done by the girl that works days and weekends. If the weather is nice tomorrow I need to build the other two fence panels before the neighbor calls the city on for having a mess in my yard again.

    I am going to pin something on that SOB some day then let him try to own a gun. The union should not even let civilians use our range even if they did build it. How someone like that gets a place on the board of directors I will never know. The guys are allways talking about all the work he does on the lodge property and how he uses his contacts to get stuff donated all the time. I could care less about the place as long as I have a place to qualify once a year.

    Jack booted thug. Your day will come. Ah it is good to be home I need to get a fence built around my shack. It looks like it is about that time I owe, I owe, off to work I go.
    Got to remember to vote tomorrow, but for who. I will figure it out when I get there. drug dealing, woman beating, thieving scum bag.


    Once to the floor, one pump then turn the key. That is a good girl, you are doing so munch better after that loving that I gave you. Should I go around the block and end up twenty five feet from where I started, back up to the corner or make a U turn? Anything coming , no then U turn it is. John, he is about the hardest working man I know even with that twisted back of his. Stop by and feed Skeet, Andy said he would give me $10.00 a week if I would feed Skeet every day. Lets see right about now that would be around $500.00 that I have coming. It only turns one shade of red, what are you waiting on a command from God. No new tractors to work on I do not know if that is a good thing or not. I see Skeet is all a wiggles and waggles over seeing me.

    Feed me, love me, feed me, love me, feed me, love me, feed me, love me, feed me, love me, feed me, love me. That is a good whatever you are, yes it is. I have you trained so well. You do not need to watch me eat I will eat it as soon as you leave. My food.

    Now to go and clean up everyone else’s crap. What is it with drunks they can not seem to hit the toilet, ever! I hope I can get a little ahead on my time to night. I am not suppose to leave until my time is up. Of course I can always do like the boss says “ if you need something to fill up the time you can always clean the bottom of the chairs.” Yah right I am the first one to ever get the work done, ever. If I can get done a little early I will stop by Wmart and pick up a few boxes of slug with my can money. Gas is still up at least I made enough money off the scrap steel I took the other day to fill my tank, I only wished I had a gas can with me gas was 10 cents a gallon cheaper there then here. Why is does the always cost more in this town then every where else April the only other prepper I know is hear we can talk a little if she was not so old and married to a former black ops guy she would make me a good wife. Crap Bill is here. Now I have to work around him, I wish some would tell him it an office not an apartment.

    The doom sayer has arrived, I think he is full of **** but I have to admit about every thing he said about what was going with the economy has come to pass. But what makes him think he has the right to tell a CFO what he should do with his money. I was going to retire next year but that is not going to happen now.
    I told him to sell every thing he could wile he could make some money off his investments. He makes at lest $100,000,00 a year and now can not even afford the gas to drive home every day. Here I go another night of work and another $38.00.
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    I had thoughts of turning it into a story some day but I thinks this says it all.
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    Well, if there is a story in it, start writing. We have a few here that read --(and enjoy it.)
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    +4, +5
    Funny how you look at people nowadays.

    Saw a woman in Wendy's the other day - 300+ lbs. had 4 kids in tow. One looked like Downs' syndrome, another on her way to obesity. All 5 of them stuffing french fries in their faces. They're not making it now - one layoff away from disaster from the looks of it.
    Don't even want to think of how they'd fare when TSHTF. New Orleans on a grand scale. Sad sad sad.

    Anyway, that's good writing. Very nice departure from
    "The microwave won't work Jim."
    "Why that's because TSHTF Mary."
    "What are we going to do Jim?"
    "Simple Mary, I'll just turn on my [insert latest gismo] and we'll have power in no time."

    Try to develop it into a story. I think we'd all appreciate it.
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    I once watched a (larger than heavy) mother and daughter at the frozen hashbrown section of the grocery store:

    Daughter (20ish) with bag of frozen hashbrowns in hand: "These look good mom. they hard to make?"
    Mom: "I don't know. It have microwave instructions?"
    melbo: /shakes head and walks away.
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    I was in Walmart the other day. Here comes this guy, Loud mouth, cussing at his kids, cussing at his wife, looks like he had his mother with him also, she was way up there in her late 60's or 70's, it was F&%$ this and F*%$ that, kids looked like they were thrown away. He was telling them he was going to beat their A#@ if they did not get a move on, raised his hand up to slap his wire......-5 in my book, all I wanted to do was "Spit Beachnut in his eye and shoot him with my 45......I hope he is one of the "Zombies" headed to my garden.......Top it off, shopping cart was over flowing and at the checkout out comes his food stamp card........
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