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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Pax Mentis, May 26, 2012.

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    If it's true then based on the forums content all we ca say is Hi Uncle Sam...[raspberry][raspberry]
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    Oh it's true alright. It has been around for years. Google "Project Echelon" and "Project Carnivore". They were the original spying programs that picked up key words in all faxes and phone calls first then it evolved to email and internet postings. There were many of us that were ridiculed and scoffed at for being tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts for telling people about these programs in the 90's. Funny how many of yesterdays conspiracy theories become just an interesting sidebar story today.

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    Since having the dubious honor of working within the Echelon project, I have maintained that privacy, outside of your own mind, is an illusion; or perhaps, a delusion.
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    The mind is next...

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    Oh well, I guess I will have to print the list out, post it on the wall next to my computer, and see how many words I can hit in each and every email, or post here.
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    They can pull at least 4 or 5 hits on me per post but it's not like they dont have their nose in everyones business anyway. At least this way when they come to get me they will have a understanding that I don't like them and I know they aren't coming to have Sunday dinner. It puts us on the same page and cuts through all the B/S. I've been saving all the goverment mother comments for my face to face with them.
  8. If I wasn't so lazy I would just copy all of the list and put it in my sig and have done with it.

    IF everyone did that they would suffer information overload, and have to focus on every single person which means no individual until a new method of discriminating those they want to watch from everyone else arose.

    Sort of how the when the NAZI wanted the Jews in (I think) norway to wear armbands so the king comes out wearing the armband saying everyone is the same in his country, by afternoon everyone had a yellow armband with star of david on it and thus no discrimination possible.

    Of course people today may not have the courage or wisdom of people then. /sad panda face.
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    That was Denmark... Thad.... Close but a bit farther south.... .....
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