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    Tonights TV really stinks so I ended up on PBS watching a gardening show. I like to fool around in the garden, and humor is something that I strive for also. They were doing water features like fountains and bubblers.
    A light bulb was turned on. A friend recently foisted upon me an old toilet sans the lid to the tank. I had thought I would use the tank for a self filling gravity supply tank for rabbit cages as I have seen done before.
    However this light bulb was shining in another direction completely. Everyone has seen these window decals with the boy peeing on something. I have also seen concrete statuettes of boys peeing. Why not in the flower bed right next to the main walkway and entrance to the house have a water feature with the statue of a boy peeing into the toilet. Heck I might even put yellow food coloring into the collection tank and highlight the whole damn thing with a couple of lights.
    LOL ..... you might be a Redneck if you got your own statue of a boy peeing into a toilet right outside your front door.
    Now, if only I can find a facial mask in true colors of Lord Obummer to put into the toilet bowl directly where the stream of yellow fluid is landing in the toilet.
    I will post pictures when I get it done.
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  3. sounds interesting, but personally I would rather see the boy taking a dump on the picture... not sure how that could be simulated though :D
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