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    Found this at vBulletin

    Work on forums full time!!

    Work on forums full time!
    We are expanding our team!
    It would involve overseeing all of Internet Brands automotive forums Internet Brands, Inc.
    It is the largest automotive network of forums, and to the best of my knowledge it is the largest network of forums... period.
    I thought someone here might be interested.

    I will try my best to describe who "we" are, and what the position would entail. etc. etc.

    Who I am:
    I have been with Internet Brands nearly for 2 years now in my current position. I originally moved from the other side of the world for this job (Melbourne/Australia - where I worked as a mechanical engineer) I love the challenge of my job brings me, and I really feel that it has really assisted with my own personal development in working with and interacting with people. I still have to pinch myself each day to tell me that I am getting paid to post on forums!

    I am currently the "sole" community manager, they are looking to change that!

    Who we are:
    Internet Brands is an Idealab company (those in the Internet Industry will know who that is, if you don't, it might be worthwhile googling it) and the company has been around since 1998 (although it was originally called, survived the Internet Boom/Bust and subsequent bankruptcy. Started purchasing their first forums ( if you are interested) almost 4 years ago now, and as the adage goes, the rest is history!

    Since then Internet Brands has purchased in excess of 200 of the largest forums in 7 different areas, and are the largest owner and operator of community forums in the world. The company has ~550 employee's (and is expanding that number!), and as some of you know also purchased Jelsoft/vBulletin, and maintain a number other Internet and non-Internet based business lines.

    If I could describe working for Internet Brands, it is like working for the "biggest Internet startup company" you could find. You can wear flip flops to work, hours are flexible, it is a fun enjoyable working environment with some of the greatest "Internet minds" to challenge you. Expect our CEO, Bob to know your name, and also for him to come up and chat with you in an open fashion! Expect your manager (and vice-presidents of the company!) to not be stuck in an office where they can't be found, but in a cubicle next to you where you can chat openly with them. You are also given an amazing amount of freedom and autonomy with your position - but conversely the company has significant financial backing (its publicly listed on NASDAQ: INET), has a lot of resources (have a vBulletin question - walk over and ask the lead developer, Kevin Sours!), a strong financial record (your job shouldn't disappear tomorrow like a lot of start up companies!) and as mentioned around ~550 employees (I think).

    Who you are:
    You have great communication skills
    Someone who has a great deal of passion social media (even though I hate that term!)
    You have great communication skills
    Someone who has experience administrating a forum community
    You have great communication skills
    Someone who has some form of passion/interest for cars (you are going to be interacting on a daily basis with the most "enthused" of enthusiasts, it helps if you share their passion)
    You have great communication skills
    Someone who is comfortable being placed in a "sink or swim" situation, and swimming as you build a boat to help others in the same situation.
    Did I mention communication skills?

    How to apply and further details:
    The "formal" description, and application is here: IB Community Manager job
    The position is in Los Angeles at our head office, but applications will be accepted from "all-comers" that might be interested in re-locating.
    You can apply there, and separately you are more than welcome to e-mail me ( or call me (310.280.4582) with any questions you may have (I am not HR, but I can give you an honest account as to what the position entails)

    Thanks - and if you are applying, best of luck!
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    lol, you'd look like Neo storming the federal building to save Morpheus walking in there...
    Guns. Lots of guns.
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    LMFAO -I would too! My shades are way cooler though. Oakley half-jackets. Oh yeah.

    /me racks the chamber of his .45

    "Lets' do this."

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    Now them's my kinda folk!
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