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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by sandro oz, Oct 27, 2015.

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    How am I going to apply a work permit in Canada? Does the employers requires to have a job before entertaining employees who wants to work in Canada? If so, where can I find a job?
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    I was detained while trying to enter Canada years ago for work as a contractor because I didn't have a work visa (employer didn't want to be bothered). They seized my airline ticket and luggage, held me overnight in a cell, and put me on the next available flight back to the US and they didn't care where it went (ended up in Chicago). Haven't been back to Canada since and will probably never go there again.

    The Western Canadians are great. Actually anywhere outside of PQ has good people. Their government is a bureaucratic nightmare, just as ours is.

    Things may have changed since the mid-80s. The only thing I can suggest is to get hold of a Canadian consulate.

    Oh, and unless you speak French fluently, stay the hell out of Montreal. That probably goes for the whole Province of Quebec as well. They despise English speakers.
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    I agree the there is Canada and Quebec, love Canada Quebec not so much and it seems a portion of Canada feels the same way about Quebec.
    Claude at the front desk of the Radisson in Montreal was a real butt hole.
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    Division always divide.
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    Welcome to the monkey @sandro oz. Our Canadian monkeys maybe able to answer your questions regarding a work permit. From my experience, stay out of Montreal, those people are uptight.
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    my company had me one in 12 hours ... just gotta know how to work the system i guess ...
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    I was in Montreal as they were removing all the English from their signs. Not an English friendly place. Glad I could read a compass and map.
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    Please introduce yourself in this thread.

    New Member Introductions | Survival Forums
    Canada is currently not hiring....
    We have 10's of 1000s of newcomers on their way from Syria.
    Sorry. Please only come if you are an entrepreneur with $ or gold in your pockets.

    Thank you.

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  10. Mindgrinder

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    Same applies to you my dear...actually x2....because #american
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