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Discussion in 'Survival of the Fittest' started by Hanzo, Oct 31, 2018.

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    It has been cold and blustery lately. So monkey had a windy and wet soccer practice on Friday. While she got cleaned up, I made a pot of chicken long rice. Then I took the the dog for her evening run while wifee and monkey ate. Was so happy for warm food when I got back. It was cold. I went for speed, so only took a picture of the final product. The pepper added to the heating effect.

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    Wifee was talking about boiled peanuts. And I have not made some in a while. So raw peanuts from the market. And then I made a big pot full yesterday. They were my pre-run/hike protein for this morning.

    The puppy was helping.

    I like to crack each peanut. Not required, but I like to do it so the brine relly gets inside. And it cooks a little faster too, I think. I use sea salt, star anise and some Chinese five spices when I make mine. Sometimes, I will add garlic, but not this time.

    Boiled for close to two hours. Was al dente after the first hour, perfect by the second. Money and wifee chomped away at it.

    Good cold too, like this morning.

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