World of the Chernyi - Pedro Six Two now up

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    Right here!

    This is the last of the 3 book series, following different groups of people as they deal with a massive, world affecting disaster. I posted the first chapter in another thread.

    I wrote this series to be realistic, and examine possible problems that might be faced when things fall apart.

    And, ya, the Gov't is not the enemy, not real helpful, but not the enemy -- the Army helps folks and no weird politics as seen in too many other books. Vets play a big part in the story line.

    My hope is that as folks read this, it will start folks to think about what it will take to be more self-sufficient should a disaster befall them.

    Anyway, I believe the board gets a small premium (kickback?) if you link from here and make a purchase.

    My thanks to everyone who had picked up one of the books to date.
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