World War Z

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    The majority of people HAVE been conditioned to become like parasites. The people ARE useless, to more than a fair extent, and this has become the primer which begs for a solution. Now, we can argue over semantics all day if we choose, but the remaining 3% which numbers in the tens of millions worldwide ARE worth fighting for. We must never forget that there is beauty and good in this world, no matter how much darkness exists.

    I think Alex is well informed, he has read some of the same books written by globalists that I have. One thing I would like to stress, is that these movies present ideas and condition people, but they are still only concepts, and we do not have to follow them. Hollywood is flooded with Zionist propaganda, and we will find at the pinnacle of the established Israel collective, a very basic and raw contempt for all "Goyen", since they are less than human (to them).
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    Resistance is fertile.
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    Loved the book. Waiting for the movie!
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    Shilling for the NWO...
    If movies and media don't effect "real life" - plz explain to me why the current generation are dumb as stumps, lazy as hell and can barely speak a sentence without the word "Like" in it?

    Quentin Tarantino - why u so nervous bro?
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    Well from where I park my truck, they are dumb because the school here is content to graduate seniors with barely a sixth grade education. Plopping them in front of Telemundo and having them watch telenovellas or whatever movie they have on their iPhone, doesn't matter because the non-Spanish speaking coach who teaches the class isn't there half the time anyway for Spanish III is not education, but by god they all have a Master's degree in baking cookies for never ending fundraisers by the time they graduate. They can't find Austria or Finland on a map, think South America is a country and Mexico is part of it, but they know every detail there is to know about diversity, and sexual harassment, and zero tolerance, and racism. They are lazy because their teachers expect nothing from them and still pass them, and their parents are so afraid they'll do drugs or drink a beer or have sex or look crossways at someone or any other of the million things *they* did at that age and survived just fine that the only thing they'll let them do without constantly bitching at them is sit in their room (with the door open at all times, big daddy be watchin) and play Xbox all day. Twenty-nine seniors this year, five have already dropped out because no one cared enough to convince them to stay, and one kicked out because she dyed her blonde hair blue for a football game (school colors are blue) and it didn't wash out by Monday (or Tues, Wed, Thurs). Of all the seniors in this school, barely 50% indicated any interest in going to college. The ones who did not plan to go had no career plan in mind, no skills beyond obedience and baking cookies and cupcakes.

    But you know what they can do? Why, they can all conform beautifully, are totally used to their every movement being constantly monitored by parents, teachers, and every other authority figure in their lives, and know better than to argue with authority no matter how incomprehensible the demands upon them are, because that gets them sent home or kicked out or grounded. They have no wish to learn anything outside of the approved teaching because if they do, and they voice it, they get ISS and the dreaded call to the parents. Well trained little workforce citizens they will be, the ones who don't leave in disgust or get kicked out for daring to have a wild hair. Herr Principal is quite proud of her future factory workers.
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    I didn't pick up on the pro UN theme of the world war z book. It was a book about zombies to me. Real living dead zombies not figurative zombies. I just can't see the book as anything super evil any more than I can see zombieland or ahhh zombies as a threat to society. To me it is just entertainment. This reminds me of that southpark episode when the guy got together to write a book with butters as the author and then everyone around was trying to interpret the book in a million different ways when all the kids wanted to do was write a gross book.
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    Hmm, I've read the book and I have no idea what he is talking about. The book does have parts in it where the UN succeeds, but there are also many sections that criticize government bureaucracy and ineptitude (ie the Battle of Yonkers). I'd say that the latter is actually the greater theme in the book than the former.

    The National Re-Educational Act in the book was about training people in trades- the point was that in America most people are white collar or service workers, and that in a collapse scenario those skills would be useless. Society would have to relearn carpentry, plumbing, etc. To portray this section of the book as some sort of socialist indoctrination camp is quite a stretch, and actually pretty dishonest.
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