World's Largest Prepper Group Coming to USA

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    From 5 March 2017 members of the world's largest prepper organisation, Suidlanders will visit the USA.

    We are conducting a speaking tour to raise funds for the Suidlanders' national emergency plan for the Chritian conservative Boer people of South Africa.

    Suidlanders is a 100% law-abiding, non-militant, non-seditionist, non-insurrectionist, organisation founded under the aegis of Protocols I&II Additional to the Geneva Conventions for the purposes of protecting non-combatant Boer (Afrikaans-speaking) people in the event of a civil war in South Africa. The Protocols Additional make specific provision for identifiable groups e.g. Croats, Bosnians, Jews, Chinese, Zoroastrians, you name it, to declare that they seek the aegis of the provisions described above, in the event of severe conflict.

    The Boer people are presently facing a low-level onslaught such as the world has seldom seen with more than 3500 farmers murdered in 22 years and over 74,000 civilians murdered in their homes and places of work.

    We are an organisation founded under the specific provisions of international international law for specific targeted groups to gather to safeguard their welfare in groups. We are introspective, just as the law provides and we have NO anti-Semitic or racist agenda and we do not welcome malicious denigration of other peoples under any circumstances. If that is your agenda, leave us out of it. We are purely introspective - seeking only to safeguard our people in the event of a national crisis - and our own agenda is not, never has been, and never will be for the sake of damaging others.

    If you are interested in attending a free Suidlanders talk or in arranging one in your area:
    - we will begin in Orlando, Florida on Sunday 5th March and end in San Diego, California on Saturday 25th March. In-between, we will be in numerous locations across the southern United States.
    - feel free to contact

    If you'd like to know more about us, please visit our website or search for "Simon Roche" on YouTube.

    files removed at the request of Suidlanders - melbo
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    Thank you for sharing all this information. I just downloaded you pdf on National Emergency and look forward to reading all about your group.
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    I wish the US murder total was only 3600 per year....(74,000/22 years).
    2015 alone we endured over 14,000 (known) homicides...
    I wish you well in your fund-raising.
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    Welcome and maintain your situational awareness in certain areas.
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    Point of order: the largest prepper group in the world is the US government. All of us put together probably could not equal what they do to protect themselves from potential future disasters.
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